Thursday, March 21, 2024

OV’s Path Forward: Let’s Talk Parks and Recreation

What do you like best about Oro Valley's amenities?
Over the past 4 months, residents often responded with our high-quality parks, trails, biking, and other outdoor recreational amenities. Enjoying OV’s natural beauty and being active is highly valued by the community.

What else can the Town do to improve or maintain this value?
For a town of its size, Oro Valley offers a broad range of events, programs, and facilities to support its residents. But there is always more that can be done. Looking ahead, the need for more sports facilities, including pickleball and improvements to aging infrastructure is anticipated. 

What types of outdoor amenities do you want in OV?

So far, a community garden, special places to rollerblade or skateboard have all been suggested. Please join the online conversation to add your ideas! Everyone’s voice is needed to ensure the measurable actions included in the next 10-year plan, known as OV’s Path Forward, turn the community’s vision for the future into reality.

Did you know expanding Naranja Park and completing the Parks and Recreation Master Plan stemmed from a 10-year plan? OV’s Path Forward is the best opportunity to spark action and produce real results in the community.

Join the conversation today!
Information about parks and recreation is now available on On the “Where OV Plays” page, learn more about OV’s Parks and Recreation by reading the background report or watching a video. But don’t stop there! Please explore all the “Learn and Discuss” pages to share your priorities and expectations for traffic, views, housing, economic development, public safety and more.

Your participation is critical to establishing the vision, values, and goals for Oro Valley’s future. Please check often to make your voice heard. 
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