Terms of Use

Welcome to Let Oro Valley Excel ("LOVE"). We’re happy that you’re joining our discussion of how to make Oro Valley excel!

This document states our “Terms of Use” of our site.  These are specific to LOVE and supplement the Google terms of service.

We own the intellectual property rights to all material posted on our pages that we have created. Copying, reproducing, linking or deep linking our content is permissible with full disclosure that LOVE is the source of the content. The disclosure must include a link to our home page.

Guest View Guidelines
We post articles submitted to us by third parties. We call these a "Guest View." We take no responsibility for a "Guest View". "Guest View" writers are entirely responsible for the content of their posting and for any harm resulting from that posting.

By submitting a "Guest View" the writer acknowledges that LOVE has a license to the content posted in the site. This license includes displaying the content and referring or hyperlinking to it at our discretion.

A "Guest View" should:
  • Be civil and free of threat. 
  • Be respectful (not be an attack on any individual)
  • Be factual 
  • Present the view of the writer
A "Guest View" should not be:
  • Slanderous, 
  • Libelous
  • Copyright infringing
A "Guest View" should not contain:
  • Hateful speech
  • Profanity
  • Criminal comments
  • Plagiarized content, personal attacks
  • Advertising
We may make edits to a "Guest View". Generally, these edits will be focused on grammatical issues. We will contact the author if we think that significant content edits are required.

Any decision to post a "Guest View" or to remove a "Guest View" that we have posted  is entirely our decision.

We do not gather personal information on our readers or on our "Guest View" authors. If compelled by law to do so, we will provide user information to the extent we have such, to requesting legal authorities. Google hosts the LOVE Blog; therefore, you are subject to the terms of privacy of using this Google product.

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