Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Meet Council Candidate Mary Murphy

Meet Mary Murphy
"I am running for council to serve and protect our wonderful community," declares Murphy in our communications. "I have a bachelor's degree, experience in Biomedical Research, and was a Licensed Practical Nurse for 15 years before moving to Oro Valley." Murphy is a stay-at-home mother of two. She has served on the Town’s Board of Adjustment.. 

Murphy is a champion of first responders
"I am proud to be married to a Desert Storm veteran who has had a successful thirty plus years in law enforcement. During that time, he also served for twenty years in the Marine Corps Reserve. So, I've witnessed firsthand the sacrifices these men and women make to serve and protect our communities. Many people don't realize the comfort they receive from these heroes until they actually need it."

Murphy “walks the talk” 
She supports first responders, citing her volunteer role as the Executive Director of First Responders and Military Affiliations for Rockin’ 4 Heroes. You will also see her at related events. Two weeks ago, “I had a fantastic time at the Guns and Hoses kickball charity event to support Project Graduation (keeping our community's graduates safe) at Riverfront Park on Saturday. It was a beautiful day to celebrate safety in our wonderful community.” You will see her at next fall's Rockin’ 4 Heroes... November 10 at Kreigh Park.

"I am a very vocal advocate for the Arizona Heroes Memorial which is being built in Naranja Park. I cannot wait to see this very special project come to fruition soon! I was honored to be asked by the Board to speak at the groundbreaking ceremony last year. I will have a brick honoring my father-in-law and my husband. Both were officers in the Marine Corps. And I would encourage you to consider supporting the memorial by creating a brick in honor of a loved one."

Government for the People 
"Accessibility in local government is essential," Murphy notes, expressing her commitment to being readily available to meet with residents through initiatives like "Council on Your Corner." Additionally, she underscores the importance of supporting local businesses and maintaining disciplined fiscal policies, echoing her vow to keep property taxes out of Oro Valley.

Championing the good 
She also believes that "accentuating the positive" can make an enormous difference in our town. She proposes initiatives akin to the "Spotlight on Youth" awards, celebrating those residents who positively impact our community, fostering a culture of reciprocal gratitude and service. "I love the idea of doing a Spotlight on community members to make a positive impact much like we do for a wonderful 'Spotlight on Youth' community awards," she remarks.

Preserving Oro Valley’s character and appeal
Murphy prioritizes protecting the character of Oro Valley. "Protecting Oro Valley's beauty, parks, and amenities is important to me as it preserves our community’s heart and soul for current and future generations.”

Enthusiastic about Oro Valley's future
Murphy brings a focus on community service, an unwavering advocacy for first responders, and a commitment to accessible governance. Her goal is to champion and safeguard Oro Valley's unique character and appeal for generations to come.

Want to learn more?
You can learn more about Mary Murphy.  Visit her campaign web site
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