Friday, June 26, 2020

Bits and Pieces

Council to consider HOA agreements to help support town golf operations next Wednesday
"In October 2019, the Town Council approved a motion that provided certain conditions and parameters by which the Town would continue to operate and invest in the Town's golf courses. One of the provisions stated:

'The Canada Hills HOA will contribute up to $100k annually to reduce the tax support necessary for the 36 hole option to include the Conquistador and Canada courses. This will be for a 10 year period limited to 10% of the town’s audited figures for the previous year’s tax support needs. The Villages of La Canada will contribute $25k per year under the same conditions as the Canada Hills HOA. Payments will be made quarterly, beginning July 1, 2020.'"

The Town Manager and Town Attorney negotiated with the representatives of the two HOA's, resulting in the agreement attached. The agreement provides for a 10-year period with contributions of the $100,000 and $25,000 specified in the motion, but removing the limitations the motion established to no more than 10% of the town's audited figures for the previous year's tax support needs, and instead securing the full contribution for five years with an opportunity to renegotiate additional contributions in year 5 of the agreement.

The agreement further stipulates the Town's commitment to abide by the other provisions of the Council's motions on October 2 and November 6, 2019. It further provides for the possibility of extending the irrigation investment in the courses one additional year due to the pandemic, should that be necessary." (source)
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Council to discuss annexation strategy next Wednesday
The Oro Valley Town Council will discuss an annexation strategy in special session next Wednesday.
The strategy has annexation targets as detailed in the graphic at right. (source) Read our LOVE March 23 article on annexation here.
Candidates participate in Jim Horne's Town Hall
The five candidates for Oro Valley's three council seats participated in a town hall last evening. Oro Valley resident Jim Horne, author of the Jim Horne's Oro Valley Podcast, was the moderator. The purpose of the town hall was for each candidate to discuss their candidacy with the public. There was no debate or cross discussion. Watch the town hall here.
Council to discuss "Primary Employer Incentive Program" next Wednesday
"The purpose of the Primary Employer Incentive Program is to help enable long-term financial sustainability in Oro Valley through the creation of new primary job opportunities and the generation of new capital investments in the Town. In accordance with the economic development goals embodied in the voter-approved General Plan, the Town Council's Strategic Leadership Plan and the Council approved Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, this program is proposed to assist Oro Valley in its efforts to attract high quality primary job opportunities and new capital investment to the community. If approved by Council, the Town of Oro Valley may offer different incentives such as fee reductions or reimbursement of other eligible expenses, depending on the nature of the project. Reimbursement amounts will be restricted to the amount of construction sales tax and related fees collected by the Town in association with the project.

These incentive reimbursements will help offset qualifying expenditures by the primary employer such as required new public infrastructure improvements, which could include partial offsets to impact fees, employee relocation and qualified job training programs, exterior building aesthetics and renovation expenses. The program aims to encourage the retention and expansion of existing primary employers. Additionally, the program will help attract new primary employers to the Town." (source)