Monday, December 5, 2022

OVCN Pastors Buy Homes In Quiet Neighborhood While Trying To Obliterate The Same For Others

Their hypocrisy is astounding
If you’ve been following this saga, you know that Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene (OVCN) is requesting a rezoning of their property to accommodate a large sports complex (to include a full-sized football/activity field with multiple 70 foot high field lights) in a quiet rural section of town where adjacent residents live on 3.3+ acre horse properties.

The neighbors (The Concordia/Buena Vista Neighborhood Group) are against this rezoning for many reasons including the negative impact it will have on their quality of life and on their property values due to the noise, light pollution, and additional traffic pouring into their quiet rural neighborhood.

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As an example, the photo in panel at right shows the field lights at CDO High School as viewed from a home that is three quarters of a mile away. Now imagine having those lights right outside your property line!

A Public Hearing on this rezoning is being held by the Planning and Zoning Commission tomorrow evening at 6 PM.

Pastors' home purchases reveal their hypocrisy
LOVE is reporting on the pastors’ recent home purchases because the pastors of OVCN believe that it is perfectly acceptable to destroy the peaceful way of life of their neighbors (to the point of threatening to sue the Town of Oro Valley if they do not get their way). Meanwhile, Pastors Coulter and Collins recently purchased homes on the same street in a brand new gated neighborhood where traffic will be restricted to homeowners and guests, there will be no tall structures impeding their mountain views, no large events, no loud audio, and no stadium lighting interfering with their domestic tranquility.  Their peace and quiet will be protected. We find the hypocrisy to be astounding.

Description on the Fairfield Homes website describing Vermillion at Rancho Vistoso
“This gated community…displays luxury, beauty, and breathtaking landscape views of the magnificent high desert. With northern views of the Tortolita Mountains and eastern views of the Catalina Mountains, this mountainous region offers a quiet life in the natural world…and specially designed outdoor space ensure access to the most beautiful views of Arizona desert landscapes and mountains.” (LOVE added the italics for emphasis).

Commentary from the Concordia/Buena Vista Neighborhood Group
“We congratulate you on your choice of location. As a gated community, traffic will be light and restricted to homeowners and guests. The views will be spectacular and not impeded with nearby tall structures. Natural sounds will be pleasant with no large gatherings or events with audio effects. The evening sky will be a stunning scene with no stadium lighting to diffuse it. Most importantly, there will never be a concern that your home will be threatened by an external entity or organization who totally disregards your domestic tranquility and rights as a homeowner.”

We've seen this before in Oro Valley
How many times have we seen a powerful group with seemingly endless resources trying to plant an unnecessary project in the middle of a quiet neighborhood? This project will benefit the OVCN church and no one else. Our Town leaders need to say, “enough is enough” and put an end to projects that are not compatible with surrounding neighborhoods or with the General Plan.