Tuesday, November 15, 2022

A Heroes Memorial Of Which We Will All Be Proud

Arizona Heroes Memorial
Residents of Oro Valley are working to create the "Arizona Heroes Memorial." The memorial [panel below] will be located at Naranja Park. The site is on the hill on the left as one drives into the park from Naranja. 

A living memorial
The goal is that the site will have tours and presentations "...given by educators and/or leaders providing a rich history of services and heroes past and present. This living memorial provides the visitor with a conscious connection with the site as it commemorates Veterans, First Responders and Healthcare workers." (Source)

Funding from contributors
The memorial is funded by private donations and sponsors.

The goal this year is to raise 2022 capital campaign initiative to raise $2.5 million. This will facilitate the oversight of the building of the monument and expanded education and outreach programs.  Monies that were raised at the recent "Rockin'4 Heroes" event at Kreigh Park will be used this purpose.

You can help
Make this dream a reality by donating to http://azheroesmemorial.org/