Thursday, June 16, 2022

Residents Ask: "Put Yourself In Their Shoes" on OVCN Rezoning Request

OVCN is a project that will forever change the character of "Old Oro Valley"
This is the third on our series on comments made to the Oro Valley Town Council by residents who want to continue to experience the “quiet enjoyment” of their home in the oldest section of Oro Valley. 
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This is from resident Dolly Baaken, addressing the town council in May.
My name is Dolly Baaken, I am a resident of Oro Valley and my home borders the Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene property to the north.

As a homeowner directly impacted by this effort, I am speaking in opposition to the rezone request by the church to convert R-144 residential to a Planned Area Development.

While the neighborhood may be unable to prevent detrimental rezoning, 14 out of 14 or 100% of the church property perimeter residents are completely opposed to the rezone and have submitted documentation reflecting that position to Planning & Zoning and to the Town Clerk.

Areas of deep concern based on the Church's proposal include traffic, noise, lighting, drainage, water usage, electrical usage and most importantly the very, very real likelihood of damaging the property values of this Oro Valley legacy neighborhood.

Please consider that the fourteen perimeter residents live closer to the church than any clergy, staff or congregants.

I urge you to disapprove the proposed rezoning request , while a good concept, this is absolutely the wrong location for an enterprise of this nature and magnitude.

Thank you
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