Tuesday, May 10, 2022

LPO Nate Vera... "2021 Officer of the Year"

Oro Valley Lead Police Officer (LPO) Nate Vera has been selected as at the town's "2021 Officer of the Year."
Lead Police Officer Nate Vera joined the Oro Valley Police Department in 2017. He previously worked as a police officer with the Tucson Police Department. Additionally, he worked as a Crime Scene Technician for a year before becoming a sworn officer. 

The extent of knowledge and experience he has gained during his career is impressive
LPO Vera has routinely demonstrated this by example. OVPD is a grateful recipient of his contributions. Such contributions i  include growth and development, commitment to service, and enhanced leadership.

From a development and growth perspective, LPO Vera is actively involved and committed to the department’s field training program. His ability to effectively develop less tenured officers is excellent and enhances the likelihood of achieving the desired level of success and maintaining quality police officers as they continue their careers. LPO Vera’s contribution to development does not end at the field
training level. He contributes to the success of the entire organization at so many levels and in many different categories. His contributions in the year of 2021 alone include his routine volunteering for programs throughout the agency, community, and other law enforcement partners. Additionally, LPO Vera received a Life Saving Award in early 2021, wherein he was directly involved in saving the life of a juvenile community member who made a full recovery because of LPO Vera’s actions. These are only some examples of LPO Vera’s proven commitment to service and passion to facilitate growth and development.

LPO Vera has a keen ability to retain information and impart the knowledge and training he received. His knowledge and experience are sought after on a regular basis and his sound decision making and problem-solving capabilities are supportive of this. LPO Vera is a complete employee and a model police officer.

LPO Vera serves in a unique role within the organization. In the absence of the sergeant, he is the formal leader of the squad. During 2021, he was in this position for four months. During this time, he demonstrated leadership that is generally seen from those with much more experience and exposure in a position of leadership. He was tasked with several duties that are not typically a part of his job description. His work product exceeds expectations. Additionally, LPO Vera attended and completed the Basic Leadership Academy that was hosted by Arizona POST. This will only serve to sharpen his already present and effective leadership skills. LPO Vera aspires to be a leader within our organization and has proven to be one in a short time.

It is for these reasons that LPO Vera is set apart from others. He is a clear positive outlier at OVPD. He should be recognized for the asset to the organization that he is. LPO Vera's 2021 performance evaluation supports this documentation with a rating of Outstanding. For these reasons, LPO Vera was selected for the 2021 Officer of the Year Award.
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