Monday, September 13, 2021

Big Changes At Oro Valley Marketplace On Display Tonight

Big changes are planned…
…for the Oro Valley Marketplace. Many of these will require town council approval of general plan amendments and zoning code changes. Tonight, the town will host a discussion of these changes at a neighborhood meeting via Zoom. You can join the meeting using this link

Apartments… Hotels… Entertainment Center 
Town West Realty, the project owner and developer, is proposing five separate changes (see panel) to the property. According to project representative Kerry Sylvan, “Town West is committed to repositioning and reimagining the property” for the benefit of existing residents and newcomers.

If approved, the project will result in:
  • Three hotels with a total of 362 rooms and proposed heights of 49 feet;
  • A five story, 500 unit luxury complex near Tangerine Road; 
  • A four and five story, 229 unit luxury apartment complex near Oracle Road
  • An entertainment and water park area built in a wash inside the Marketplace
Council approvals required
Much of what the applicant wants to build will require council approval because the land is planned for or zoned for only some of what they want to do. These include:
  • Allowing apartments
  • Reducing building setbacks and landscape buffer yard requirements along Tangerine and Oracle Road
  • Increasing building heights up to 49 feet
  • Building an entertainment center in a designated wash
You can watch an introductory video on the project here.

The town has yet to determine when the project will be heard by the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission and then by the Town Council.
Note: The panel is the original submission by Town West.  The numbers in the text reflect the plans as shown in the project video.