Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Town Unveils Major Upgrade To Council Chambers

Council cleared up some open items
Last week’s council meeting, was the first in person council meeting since March of 2020.  The council cleared some open items including:
  • Approved a resolution to accept an annual subsidy of $34,050 to support the operation of the town’s 9 hole Pusch Ridge Course. The subsidy comes from three homeowner associations that abut the property. The amount will be paid for the next three years.
  • Retained Jonathan Rothschild as outside attorney
  • Amended the town's water code to penalize water wasting. You can read more about that code here.
Renovated council chambers
The council chambers were renovated and updated to take advantage of the latest technology.  The cost of the renovation was $600,000.   The facility was built and maintained years ago when the town offices were built.  
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Changes include:
  • Increased capacity to 190 from 104 persons
  • More comfortable chairs
  • Improved ADA compliance
  • "Loop system" for people with hearing aids
  • Better technology including two large monitors and improved lighting for visual quality streaming
  • New audio-visual system to enable virtual public participation, boards and commission members, and council members

With the new chambers and in person meeting, the town has changed its council meeting procedures.
The new technology allows residents to participate both in person and virtually. “For agenda items listed as Public Hearings, there is now an option to speak publicly via Zoom if the speaker registers at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting by filling out a “virtual” speaker card. Once a speaker has registered online, they will be provided with additional instructions and a Zoom link on the day of the meeting. The new virtual option also applies to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Adjustment, as they are both held in Council Chambers and have Public Hearings.  

Links to register for a virtual speaker card will be included in each meeting’s agenda, which is posted to the Town’s website one week in advance. ”

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