Friday, February 19, 2021

Bits and Pieces

KOLD gives wrong year on start of revitalization
Last week, KOLD TV reported that construction was beginning this winter on the revitalization of the Oro Valley Marketplace (see panel below). This is not true, per our inquiry to the town. 

The potential revitalization project has undergone one community meeting. The town's planning department is waiting for a second submission on the project from the applicant. 

Nothing can happen unless the town council approves it. This revitalization project requires rezoning. That has not happened. It will not happen until next summer or beyond. Perhaps construction will begin in the winter of 2022. The TV station report was off by a year.

Church of Nazarene project in limbo
The Church of Nazarene, located on Concordia, west of CDO High School, has proposed a project for an indoor athletic field, a new multi-use building and a new amphitheater on 18.4 acres adjacent to it. (See panel right) They want to create their own planned area development zoning code, because the existing zoning codes is mixed among the four properties involved. 

The property of most concern to residents in the are is on the northern portion of the land. That portion is zoned for residential use, with one home for 144,000 square feet. That is the zoning for the rest of the area. Needless to say, those who live in the area don’t want the project

Take a ride around the area and you will understand why.  This area is one of the most unique in Oro Valley. The homes are set far back from the roads and many owners have horses and other animals. 

The town is waiting for the project to be resubmitted in response to comments made by the public at the November public hearing.  Read more about this project here.

Charred Pie is open for business with menu additions
Charred Pie restaurant is located next to the AMC Theatre in the Oro Valley Marketplace. Recent menu additions have added to their offerings. The feature wood fired pizza. Read more about that here. This is a locally owned restaurant. Give them a call.