Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mayor Hiremath's Epiphany: Suddenly, An Oro Valley Community Center Is His #1 Priority

"What are your top 3 priorities for the next 4 years?" This question was asked to the 2 Mayoral candidates at the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum. The first words from Mayor Hiremath: "A Community Center."

A Community Center

We were astounded when we heard this.

Mayor Hiremath never has previously acknowledged that a community center is even on his "radar."  Then, suddenly, Mayor Hiremath listed it as his top priority.

According to Hiremath:  "I'm in dialogue with other community partners about maybe doing something at a community center." (Source: Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum)

Council Member Bill Garner has been advocating for a community center for years. His calls have been ignored by the Majority-4.  "I've been investigating a public/private partnership that could put a community center at Steam Pump Ranch," Council Member Garner observed to us some time ago

LOVE, as published in October 2013, has been urging the creation of a community center. The Majority-4 ignored us.

Why is Mayor Hiremath suddenly agreeing with Council Member Garner and with LOVE.   Did Mayor Hiremath suddenly have an epiphany or is there something else's in play?

Is It Baseball, Soccer or Both?

The Mayor also wants to build baseball fields:  "I'm already in contact with major league baseball." At the same time, Council Member Snider wants Oro Valley to build two more soccer fields to accommodate a Major League Soccer team's spring practice. (Source: Video Above)  So, they want 4 more fields?  Does this make any sense?

And a Teen Center

And, yes, Mayor Hiremath wants to build a teen center. "I'm talking to private developers about trying to  partner with us."

Why isn't a Teen Center part of a Community Center?  Research what other communities have done.  You will find that the community center usually has a teen center, a senior center, and a recreation center.
We ask:

Has Mayor Hiremath and his fellow incumbent candidates actually thought any of this through?

When ideas are spoken by Mayor Hiremath, ideas that the he has never before revealed, one has to wonder:  Did the Mayor have a epiphany? Or is he simply trolling for votes? 


Richard Furash, MBA said...

He's trolling for votes. He's trying to appeal to as large an audience as possible. Community center...teen fields...children's museum. And if the community center comes to fruition, he'll take credit for it even though it was Bill Garner who initiated the dialogue and did the initial legwork. Just like the majority-4 are taking credit for saving Coyote Run when they initially voted to defund it and it was Bill Garner and Barry Gillaspie who did the work to find a way to save it.

Just like they're taking credit for turning a deficit into a surplus when there was never a deficit to begin with. Either they're too stupid to understand what deficit spending actually means (and I find it hard to believe that all 4 of them are clueless about this) or they are deliberately trying to mislead the voters into believing that the majority-4 saved the day. My money's on the latter.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Please help me understand as to why this website is called Let Oro valley Excel. This is a website that says "Oro Valleys Most trusted News source". Is it really? I think not. I do think however this website is dedicated to making people think that mayor Hiremath and the "Majority-4" are evil. You talk about them having no respect. Here is an idea! If you are constantly talking about them being rude or disrespectful, than look at yourself. You use the term "Majority-4" as if it is foul or rotten. Now that doesn't seem very respectful in any way, coming from a "News Source". Also you claim in every other post how Mayor Hiremath is cruel and wrong for going after Law breaking Brenden Burns. Yet this website is being cruel by constantly attacking and belittling the mayor of our town. (Belittle make (someone or something) seem unimportant.) Cause I am guessing that you didn't know based on how stupid you are. You are so hypocritical. Nobody even reads these posts besides the 4 people that ever comment on here. Hint: You might get a better audience if you would just do as you claim to do. Report the news, unbiased.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

I see Don C signed on with yet another Name.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

If you truly believed that only 4 people read the posts on this blog, then you wouldn't feel a need to counter the articles on this blog. It's just like the letters to the editor that always claim that the anti-incumbent crowd or the so-called anti-OVPD crowd is "a very small group." If we're so small, why are you always so worried about the impact we might have?

Richard Furash, MBA said...

I apologize, I forgot that you are also among many who do not understand what the term figurative means. Here, I will define it for you (departing from a literal use of words; metaphorical). Let me be literal instead. This might get through to you. When I said only 4 people read this blog, it was figurative , meaning the number 4 was used loosely. I do know that people read this toxic blog and some, like you, may be blinded by all this hatred directed at Mayor Hiremath. I am simply here to tell them, that not everything here is true. There are multiple sides to everything. This blog is aimed at making everything look bad about our good mayor. I must also note, that I very rarely comment on this blog. This is actually my 3rd time. What makes me laugh, is that by changing the subject to something as dumb as why I comment on this blog site, it shows that you are just digging for reasons to stir up a fight. It shows that if one of it's most loyal readers (A.K.A. Victorian Cowgirl, yes I meant you.) cannot defend "The blog" and disprove the accusations I have made, then perhaps some sense may have gotten through to you. To me it seems like you know that I am right so you have to come up with a different topic. Anyways, I am not a fan of arguing with people who do not look to see both sides, they don't care if a valid point is made, if it hurts their side they are against it. So I will end this here. I am merely trying to show people that there is more than 1 side to every story. Comments are the only way to do so. If I had the power to write entire articles, I would.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

You said this to me in your post..."I forgot that you are also among many who do not understand what the term figurative means."

FYI: I got straight A's in English, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, composition, etc. If you'd like, I can go over your post word by word and show you how, "you are among many who do not understand" how to write proper English. You're making an ass of yourself trying to "belittle" my reading/writing/comprehension skills! And didn't you just claim that this website was "cruel" for "belittling the mayor?"

If you don't like belittling, then you shouldn't engage in it. If you do like it, then you should vote to re-elect Hiremath. Then you can bask in the twice monthly belittling frenzy that he engages in at every council meeting. What? You say that he doesn't do it at EVERY meeting? Don't worry. I was speaking figuratively.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Let me clarify a few things...
First: I never was "belittling" your Writing skills. ONLY your reading and comprehension skills. So that is that.
Second: In the comment I made about "how the website was cruel..." I was making a point of how hypocritical they were being, claiming the mayor is disrespectful, but at the same time all the website does is hate on him and the other 3 council members.
Third:I will 100% vote back Hiremath to be our mayor. He puts our public safety first.
Fourth: Yes, in comparison to the 41,000 residents in Oro valley your group is relatively small. SO next time you hear that comment, don't think we mean small as in 4 people...(A.K.A the 4 people figurative comment)
Lastly: Please calm down.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

In comparison to the 41,000 residents in Oro Valley, YOUR group is relatively small. Yes?

As for putting public safety first, that's just using scare tactics to garner votes. It's "emotional" not factual. Do you really think that Pat Straney (or anyone else currently on council or running for council) wants to put public safety in jeopardy when these people and their families LIVE in Oro Valley? There are ways to cut costs that don't involve jeopardizing public safety but your side doesn't even want to explore those possibilities.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

This blog claims that the major is disrespectful because the mayor IS disrespectful. So that is that. Do you disagree? Are you willing to state that you have never seen/heard Hiremath being disrespectful to anyone? Simple do not go off topic in your answer.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

I have never seen/heard Mayor Hiremath be disrespectful. In the instances where he APPEARS to be disrespectful it is because the person he is supposedly disrespecting is trying to "game" the system and not following the rules. I saw the tape you were referring to where he supposedly "tore up Councilman Zinkin's report". He did no such thing. He folded it over and threw it away behind him. This was after saying that Councilman Zinkin went behind his back and the Town Managers back and went directly to staff in order to make the presentation. Any reason why your precious Councilman didn't have the courtesy to go to the Mayor and instead CHOSE to circumvent the process? What was his motive? I answered your question so now answer mine....have you even taken the time to sit down with the Mayor to see what he is all about? I'm willing to bet that either you haven't or maybe (knowing how you like to bend/stretch the truth) you asked him a question and gotten an answer that differed from your opinion so you started hating on him. So there is no confusion and we are clear, I will restate my question....Have you sat down with the Mayor and had an in depth conversation with him about his philosophy? YES OR NO!!!!! Simple do not go off topic in your answer.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

You admit that he "threw it away." No disrespect there. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Keep in mind that he could have thrown it away AFTER he left the council chambers but
he chose to throw it away in front of everyone, to make a statement of some sort, kind of like throwing a
temper tantrum. "I'll show YOU! I'll throw your report in the trash!"

But if you can't see how disrespectful and childish that is, how ill-mannered and petulant it is, then there's no point in continuing this conversation with you.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Can you point out as to where the answer to my question was? I cannot seem to find it in your last post. Thank you! Also, just for the record, can we agree that you lied when you stated he was "tearing" it up? It was simply folded. I can guarantee you that if council member Zinkin did not disrespect the mayor in the first place, by circumventing the system, that incident would have never occurred. Keep in mind that if Zinkin had simply spoken to the mayor about the presentation, none of this would have ever occurred. IF you wish to end the conversation here, and try and wiggle your way out of this, go ahead. Or you can keep talking, stating BLATANT LIES for all those to read. JUST SO EVERYONE CAN SEE, VICTORIAN COWGIRL said "Then Hiremath should be accountable for tearing up a councilmember's report and throwing it into the wastebasket "in front of a live audience." WHICH IS A LIE. She is a liar and she bends the truth to make simple things seem worse. I for one do not understand how any of you can take her word for anything. something so simple as to folding a piece of paper and tossing it behind him turns to... IT WAS TEARED APART AND THROWN INTO A WASTEBASKET..... no that was not the case. You just like drama and will do anything you can to make a small situation seem worse than it is. More like VictorianDramaQueen...

Richard Furash, MBA said...

He is simply trolling for votes.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Do you really think that when you say things such as, "anyways" or "it was teared apart" that anyone is going to take you seriously? People who talk that way and write that way are NOT the same people who seriously follow politics. You're trying way too hard to hide your identity by using a different "style" of writing than what you normally use. It's not working. Your underlying "style" is still there!

And, no, I didn't lie. When Hiremath threw the report in the wastebasket, it was the talk of the town. I wasn't at the meeting and I didn't watch the video. My information came from reports from others who DID see it. Some said he threw it in the wastebasket. Some said he tore it up and threw it in the wastebasket. I was merely commenting on what others had said. I personally don't care if he tore it up or not. He DID throw it into the basket which you do not deny. And THAT'S the point. It was childish and ill-mannered. You want to put the focus on whether he tore it up or not, as if that changes the fact that he threw it away in front of everyone.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

"WHICH IS A LIE. She is a liar and she bends the truth to make simple things seem worse" Boy, did you leave yourself wide open on that one!

How about Hiremath and Friends repeatedly stating at the candidate forums that they turned a $3 million dollar deficit into a $1.7 million dollar surplus? Talk about bending the truth. Talk about lying. There was never a deficit.

Either they are too dumb to understand what deficit spending means or they are deliberately trying to hoodwink the voters into believing that they saved the town from financial ruin.

So which one is it? They're dumb? Or they're liars?

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Real OV Truth
The incident is NOT shown on the tape of that Council Meeting. You had to be there. The mayor got up from his seat, turned around and walked to a trash can... all while the councilman was speaking.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Cares for OV,

Thank you for reporting on this. So Hiremath dumped the report in the trash WHILE Zinkin was still speaking? That's even more rude than dumping it in the trash afterwards. Well, that's civility, for you.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

You said, "I saw the tape you were referring to where he supposedly tore up Councilman Zinkin's report." It was then pointed out that "The incident is NOT shown on the tape of that council meeting. You had to be there [to see it]." So YOU LIED when you said you saw this on the tape.

Working off one of your quotes: "If you wish to end the conversation here and try to wiggle your way out of this, go ahead. Or you can keep talking, stating BLATANT LIES for all those to read."

Richard Furash, MBA said...

The accuser is now the accused. You lied! And you immediately fled the scene. "I for one do not understand how any of you can take Real OV Truth's word for anything."