Friday, August 8, 2014

Bits and Pieces

Back-to-school safety reminders from OVPD

Oro Valley, Arizona (August 4, 2014) - The Oro Valley Police Department (OVPD) would like to remind the community that most private and public schools are back in session this week. Please be cautious when driving, as there will be an increase in the number of children walking or riding bikes. As a reminder:

  • You may not pass a school bus when it stops and displays the stop sign and flashing red lights. You must stop! This includes both directions of travel when a physical median is not present.
  • The school zone is 15 miles per hour. You must be at or below 15 miles per hour prior to entering the zone. The zone is marked by the first sign as you enter. 
  • It is prohibited to pass another vehicle while in a school zone. 
  • Please pay attention to the crossing guard's directions and be prepared to stop. 
  • School crosswalks require drivers to stop at the point a pedestrian enters into the crosswalk. 
  • Please do not text and drive.

OVPD is anticipating a large amount of school-related vehicle and pedestrian traffic, so we ask that you start your day earlier and give yourself plenty of time for increased congestion. You will see increased police presence around schools to ensure the safety of everyone.

Amphitheater School District Director of Community Relations Mindy Blake also added: "The Amphi District is grateful for Oro Valley's commitment to student safety. Getting children to and from school safely is very important to us. We ask that parents discuss these simple but effective precautions with their children. Make sure you and your child know the walking route to take to and from the bus stop. Ensure proper behavior en route and at the bus stop. Be sure to follow bus monitor directions at all times." (Oro Valley Police Department Press Release)
OVPD to teach Below 100 training to police officers' families

Oro Valley, Arizona (August 1, 2014) - On Sunday, August 10, 2014 the Law Enforcement Wives Club (LEWC) will host a training for spouses and family members of law enforcement personnel. The training, titled Below 100 "101," will be taught by officers of the Oro Valley Police Department.

Below 100 is a nationwide initiative geared towards reducing line-of-duty deaths to below 100. The number of officers killed in the line of duty has not been below 100 since 1944. The founders of this program started looking at the reasons why officers were killed. A large number of officers are dying as a result of not wearing seatbelts, driving too fast, not wearing ballistic vests, getting complacent and not focusing on "What is Important Now," also known as the W.I.N. Concept. The Below 100 class focuses on those five specific areas. Many agencies have already taught this four-hour program to their officers, with tremendous feedback.

"I am thrilled that LEWC has the opportunity to work with OVPD to present the Below 100 "101" training, which will be taught to us for the first time nationally. We look forward to continuing to help law enforcement families in our community through education. I am very excited to meet new law enforcement families at this event," commented Elizabeth Snyder, president of LEWC.

When providing this four-hour block of training to families, instructors will not only be going over the material that is taught to the officers, but also providing information to the families on what they can do and emphasizing what an important role they play in the safety of their officers. Families might not be able to go to work with their officers, but the influence they have over them while they are at work can be significant.(Oro Valley Police Department Press Release)
August Commercial Project Status Report Shows Little Change

Not much new in this month's Town Of Oro Valley Commercial Project Status Report.
Oro Valley Resident Files Suit Against US Government

"The widow of a Culver City man killed in a traffic accident involving a Beale Air Force Base reservist sued the federal government on Monday.

Zhanna Watson of Oro Valley, Ariz., filed her suit in U.S. District Court in Sacramento against the government and the reservist, Joshua Christensen. The suit for negligence and wrongful death seeks unspecified damages. Watson's husband, Ralph, died in the September 2012 accident." (Source)

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