Thursday, June 6, 2024

Bits and Pieces

“Lift Plant” Sewer Line replacement in Valley Vista as County sues developer...residents forced to use porta potties and wash stations!
In February, we wrote about subsidence affecting two homes and the sewage lift station in Valley Vista. This development is built on the edge of Big Wash. Two significant events have occurred since then. First, in April, Pima County sued Pulte Homes and all parties involved in building the property in a “placeholder lawsuit.” The suit reminds Pulte that Pulte is responsible for remedying any defects found in the lift station. Second, a few weeks ago, one of Pulte’s subcontractors, Hunter Construction, began replacing the sagging sewer lines in that section of Valley Vista. On Tuesday, residents in the area of the lift station found porta potties and wash stations in the street. There’s one set of these for every two homes. Residents have been informally told they will have to use these facilities until the project is complete. There is no announced timetable for the project’s completion.

FOPRG to focus on water conservation
Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf (FOPRG) are dedicated to enhancing the Pusch Ridge Golf Course while addressing water usage concerns. Over the past few years, the course has grown in popularity, with rounds played increasing significantly from 3,875 in 2019-2020 to an anticipated 19,000 in 2023-2024. Despite this success, the use of potable water remains a challenge.

To tackle this, FOPRG has introduced a new mission focusing on water advocacy. They aim to educate the community on water-saving techniques through newsletters featuring tips, strategies, and events. Additionally, they plan to collaborate with the Town and Indigo to implement water conservation measures, such as reducing turf, using drought-resistant grass, and improving water usage audits. This dual approach seeks to balance the recreational benefits of the golf course with sustainable water management practices. (Source: FOPRG Newsletter)

Red Lobster is no more
Red Lobster closed its Oro Valley location earlier this month. The chain has been facing significant financial challenges nationally, including high lease and labor costs, and substantial losses from promotions such as the expanded all-you-can-eat shrimp deal. Earlier this month they filed for bankruptcy. The company plans to use the bankruptcy proceedings to restructure its finances, optimize its real estate footprint, and pursue a sale of its assets. Despite these challenges, Red Lobster intends to keep some of its locations open and operational during the restructuring process.

Oro Valley Receives Federal Grant for Stormwater Improvements
The Town of Oro Valley's Stormwater Utility has secured $210,990.75 in federal funding for Fiscal Year 2024/2025 through the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (AZDEMA) and FEMA's Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. This grant will enable essential upgrades to the box culvert outlet structure on Sierra Wash at Via Mandarina, addressing localized erosion concerns and enhancing community safety and infrastructure resilience.

Town Manager Jeff Wilkins emphasized that the funding will maximize the utility of Stormwater Utility Fee dollars, aiding the finalization of the fiscal year budget. The project, set for completion within FY 2024/2025, will proceed following Town Council endorsement. The federal grant, complemented by a $70,330.25 local match from the Stormwater Utility Fee, highlights Oro Valley's commitment to infrastructure maintenance and proactive risk mitigation. This grant marks the second DEMA allocation for Sierra Wash improvements, following previous funding in 2019. (Town of Oro Valley Media Release)

Courts Remodeling Project on Time… and potentially under budget
Judge Hazel, the presiding magistrate of the Oro Valley Court system, provided an update on the remodeling of the Town court at the TMRB study session last month. Last year, LOVE reported on the need for this remodeling. Nothing has changed regarding that need since then. "We are now entering the construction phase. Phase one includes the attorney meeting room and the jury assembly room. Everything is going as planned, and a year from now, everything will be completed," Judge Hazel stated during a recent Courts Study Session.

Hazel emphasized being a steward of the town’s investment. Total bids for the project came in a million dollars less than planned. "That doesn’t mean it’s going to come in that way. That’s why we have to be vigilant throughout the whole process," she cautioned during the Courts Study Session. (TMRB Council Study Session, May 9, 2024)

Timetable for the Oro Valley Marketplace revisioning “Revealed’
Town staff projects that the hotel to be built at Oro Valley Marketplace will go online in February 2026. They anticipate that the Tangerine Road apartments will be available for occupancy in May 2027, and the Oracle Road apartments will be available for occupancy in May 2029. (TMRB Study Session May , 2024)

Enjoy Disc Golf at Pusch Ridge Course
The town is offering disc golf at the Pusch Ridge Golf Course from 7am to 7pm until September 22.