Thursday, November 16, 2023

Council Acts: Oro Valley Village Center Ready To Go

The way is clear to remake the Oro Valley Marketplace
The remake of the Oro Valley Marketplace can now begin. Last night, the Town Council unanimously approved the final clearances needed to break ground. The project will have two expansive apartment buildings housing a total of 504 units, a hotel and a recreation area.

Approval cleared two motions
Clearing the way required that the council approve two resolutions: First, relinquished the rights to two "right-of-ways." Second, approved a recreation area that will be developed solely by the developer. The final design of that recreation area is a bit fluid and will be "worked out" with town staff.

A phased approach to building the recreation area
Town West secured approval to advance the project by working through the final "sticking point". That point was the town's refusal to pay for part of what was to be an "entertainment center."  To work around this, Town West offered a scaled-down recreation area. It is one that can be expanded to the original concept. However according to Town West, that will only happen if the Town of Oro Valley invests in under-grounding the wash that runs through that area. That would cost the town $6 million, according to Vice Mayor Barrett, speaking at the meeting. 

Nothing will happen quickly
Developer representative Keri Silvyn said that it will take 18 months before any of the three planned buildings is ready for occupancy. The first building to be occupied will be a hotel because town council specified in its initial project approval last year that a hotel must receive a Certificate of Occupancy before any apartment can be occupied. Town West will complete the two apartment complexes, one on Tangerine and the other on Oracle, within a few months of that. 

Click here to learn more about the plan for building the center.  

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