Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Guest View-Tony D’Angelo: “Let’s Boost Tourism In Oro Valley”

Given the assets, Oro Valley has over Marana, I believe an opportunity to grow revenues within Oro Valley lies with a more robust tourism strategy. Tourism does not require more building or annexation. It brings visitors to town who will spend money and then go home. The downside may be some traffic, but it is relatively a clean industry and can be managed with limited negative impact on the environment. 

I believe there are two major themes the Town can leverage to increase tourism to Oro Valley: One is Environmental / Cultural; the other is Recreational / Sports. 

The panel [at right below] is a map of the assets the Town already has that can be leveraged beyond what they are doing today. 

Tourists actually generate more tax dollars to the Town than residents / day because the items they purchase are almost all taxable to the Town. A significant percentage of resident spending is not taxable (groceries) or is done outside Oro Valley. Tourists on the other hand who stay at our hotels, resorts and short-term rental homes will pay directly to Oro Valley a 6% bed tax and a 2.5% sales tax on their rooms. Plus meals out, concessions, gifts, etc. at 2.5%.

With regards to the Environmental / Cultural side of tourism, Oro Valley is incredibly rich in Sonoran Desert assets. It’s all about packaging and marketing. On the Recreational / Sports side, we also have enviable assets. It is one of the reasons I am so passionate about leveraging Pusch Ridge Golf as a visual and gateway for tourist consideration.

If you get a chance, go to the government websites for Sedona and Indian Wells, CA. I believe both of these towns offer good models that Oro Valley can use to promote tourism. You will see on both Town home pages links to visitor information. Neither or make it easy to access any visitor information. Oro Valley Chamber and are not much better.

There is no magic bullet for drawing adequate revenues to the Town without some negative consequences to the status quo. Tourism will not be enough but it can be a net positive contributor.

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