Thursday, October 12, 2023

Bits and Pieces

Big Time Pusch Ridge Golf Events Set For Opening Day, October 26th
The Pusch Ridge Golf Course opens with two gala events. The morning will see a Hospitality Industry Open House inviting local hotels and resorts to see the beauty of the course so they can recommend to their visitors. 

The afternoon will see a celebration of the opening of the course starting at 1:30pm.  Space is limited to 52 golfers. "There will be a cocktail party after the shotgun – featuring a delicious and beautiful “Grazing Table” prepared by Jill Johnson Oleary, owner of Fig + Feta. A true gourmet delight full of exotic cheeses, meats, fruits, breads and other surprises. Zach Olfers, manager of the Overlook Restaurant, will serve as our bartender!" Register here. (Source: Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf Email)

Council to Staff: "Go Big" on 50th Anniversary Celebration
The Oro Valley Town Council wants to “go big” to celebrate Oro Valley‘s 50th anniversary. “I’m hearing a Parade. A big April event,” Mayor Winfield noted as he summarized council thoughts. (LOVE would like to see fireworks too because)… as Barrett observed, “The celebration ought to be like July 4.”. Barrett voiced remarks based on social media suggestions of residents.
The council’s feedback contrasts with what they were presented by staff [see panel right]: That is a year-long celebration which focused on businesses providing services to the community, within a budget of $35,000. That’s probably not going to be enough. Winfield directed staff to “Come back with a budget that meets expectations of what a 50th birthday celebration should be. Let’s not shortchange ourselves.”