Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene (OVCN) Congregant Identified as Sign Vandal

This article is part of our continuing series of articles regarding OVCN’s request to rezone a portion of their property to accommodate a lighted outdoor athletic field, an amphitheater, and a multi-use building for indoor sports in a rural and historic neighborhood.
Repeated destruction of the “Pink Signs”
There have been several cases of aggressive behavior targeting Concordia/Buena Vista Group neighbors and their property. Pink sign destruction has been the primary incident. Signs posted on private property by the C/BV group opposing the Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene (OVCN) rezoning and expansion have been repeatedly stolen or vandalized. A dozen police reports have been filed outlining trespassing, destruction of property, theft, and even verbal assault.

Security cameras were installed
In an effort to catch the perpetrator(s), security cameras were placed nearby some of the signs. A new sign was posted at one location on Sunday, August 13. It was already trashed by the following morning. A security camera recorded the perpetrator in the act of trespassing, vandalizing the sign and destroying personal property.

The individual has been identified
The individual has been identified. The person is a congregant of the Church and is a very strong supporter of their request to rezone and build their sports complex. A police report has been filed and the individual was advised that any future occurrences of this type will result in prosecution and civil action under Arizona law.

CVB Group: The church’s silence on the destruction of personal property by one of their congregants speaks volumes
Some members of the Concordia/Buena group requested that the pastors condemn the vandalism from the pulpit and that they apologize for the behavior of this congregant. There has been no response from the pastors. It is unfortunate that the pastors have chosen to sweep this under the rug. 

According to the CVB group, the Church’s lack of response speaks volumes and portrays an unfavorable image of their athletic complex proposal. The act of a congregant damaging personal property to support their cause is undoubtedly something they should have immediately denounced.
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