Friday, June 30, 2023

Some Thoughts Until September

Here’s what to look for this summer
Every other year LOVE takes a summer break. It happens when there is no town election. Fortunately, this year, there is none….though we do expect a “doozy” next year as there will be three council seats up for election.

While we are away, however, we continue to follow Oro Valley happenings.We will do that again this year. We will report events to you when we return in September. We do have a list of  things to keep an eye on while we’re away. 

Here are some of the things we expect to be reporting about in September
Making the Naranja Park entrance pedestrian safe now
This is our number 1 priority. The current pedestrian situation is completely unacceptable. The town has said that they are planning to do some things. We figure that they should have done a lot by September 12, our return date.

Any decision the council made regarding plans for the Vistoso TrailsNature Preserve
The town has completed a Master Plan study on to build the Vistoso Trails Nature Preserve. At one point, the study’s findings became so challenging that the lead outside consultant on the project quit. To many residents in the area, the final plan, which will be reviewed with council, is too elaborate and far more invasive to life for those who live around the golf course.
Jeff Wilkins
Jeff Wilkins will have completed his first quarter as Oro Valley Town Manager. We wil (try to) interview Wilkins to report his first impressions of our town.

Outrageous Giveaway 2
The Council may consider yet another investment in the Oro Valley Marketplace (aka Oro Valley Village Center). This one for about $12 million. They are under no obligation to do so; but town staff has been in negotiations with the developer and center owner Town West for 18 months to do just that. It will be very interesting to see how Council handles this.
The “Big Sports Complex” Affair
Then, of course, there is the matter of the Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene (OVCN) wanting to obliterate the lifestyle of those who live in the “Original Oro Valley.” The project is a major sports complex at their Concordia/Buena Vista location. It requires council approval of zoning changes to make this a reality. We don’t know when the next hearing is on this; but it is a huge problem for those who need to protect the lovely lifestyle that area affords.

The Oro Valley Housing Survey
Town staff has completed a survey of town housing needs. Many believe that the survey questions biased responses to favor more apartments…more congestion in Oro Valley… a more “balanced”community.  Regardless, the allure of federal funds that will become available to the town as it grows to subsidize low income housing will become very alluring. You ought to be concerned if you want Oro Valley to remain a single family residential community. As one resident wrote: “Federal funds may dictate “Section 8” to achieve the - financially attainable housing - which is not a fit for this community.” Beware: That from which you wanted to escape by moving to Oro Valley may follow you here.

Use of potable water on town owned parks and the Pusch Ridge Golf Course
The town continues to use potable water for irrigation at Riverfront and Kreigh Parks, at the Pusch Ridge Golf Course, and in serving CDO high school. Reclaimed water would be a better solution. We think, but we don’t know, that the cost of bringing reclaimed water to these facilities is prohibitive. The town has discussed further treating the reclaimed water, purifying it, and inserting it into the potable water supply. It’s all talk at this point but something does need to be done.

We will also keep an eye on other things like
…the July court appearance of Sabrina Garcia, the person who was driving the car that killed a teenager and her half sister on St. Patrick’s Day. It happened near the entrance to Naranja Park…thus, our obsession with getting the town to do something to improve pedestrian safety now.

Meanwhile, enjoy your summer.

We certainly do plan to do so
- - -