Tuesday, May 2, 2023

TMRB Seeks Added Staffing for 2023-24... No Reductions Planned

Six new positions... Total of 424 Town of Oro Valley Employees
The 2023 town manager recommended budget includes an increase of five new full-time and two part-time positions. This will bring the total number of people employed by the Town to 424. 

Where are they?
We see many of them on the roads because they are employed by the Police Department. We see other town employees on the roads because they are part of the Public Works Department. We know that many work in the Water Department because they provide beautifully clear fresh water every day. When we go to our Parks, we see them maintaining the facility that we are visiting that day. Indeed, more than three quarters of the town's employees are in these four departments (see chart below, right).

Police: 140 personnel, including 1 new position, $18.7 million cost

Half of the personnel in the Department are deployed in Field Services. Field Services is responsible for the uniformed patrol functions of the Department, including 24-hour response to the initial investigation of crimes and incidents, traffic enforcement and control, crash investigations, community policing programs and specialized operations such as SWAT and K-9.

Most of the remaining staff is involved in support services. The includes the Criminal Investigations Unit, Crime Analyst, Task Force Operations, Property and I.D., School Resource Officers, Community Resources, Citizen Volunteer Assistants Program, Records, and the Communications Bureau. Support Services focuses on and analyzes crime trends, efficient resource allocation and technological solutions. 

Public Works: 78 personnel, 1 new position, $6.4 million cost
This department wants to add a full-time transit supervisor to assist in driver management and review, service scheduling, and operations and program compliance, ensuring we continue meeting the needs of our community for this critical service.

Parks and Recreation: 69 personnel, 1.5 new positions, $4 million cost
Two-thirds of this department’s personnel are employed at the Community Center (23) and the Aquatic Center (22). This department wants to add a full-time parks maintenance worker to accommodate the addition of the Vistoso Trails Nature Preserve and a part-time park monitor to accommodate new acreage and facilities coming online with the completion of the latest phase of the Naranja Park improvements.

Water Department: 40 personnel, no new positions, $3.9 million cost
Two thirds of the water department staff are deployed in field operations. "The Operations Division oversees the operation and maintenance of all potable and reclaimed water production and distribution facilities, to include wells, boosters, reservoirs, metering stations, water mains, fire hydrants and valves. Additional responsibilities include meter installations, commercial meter testing, water quality testing, backflow prevention, construction of minor water main projects and oversight of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure system, disinfection systems and security systems."
All other Departments: 97 personnel, 2.5 new positions, $10.1 million
There are ten other departments. The fastest growing of these is the Information and Technology Department, which seeks a complement of nineteen staff.  "The Recommended Budget includes two new full-time positions in the Innovation & Technology Department. An additional business systems analyst is necessary to support the growing use of technology in Town operations, with special emphasis on the needs of the Police Department. A security and compliance administrator will protect the organization by implementing and managing cybersecurity tools, as well as respond to and remediate cybersecurity incidents and threats. This position will also ensure the Town’s IT systems are compliant with recommended best practices and that action plans are completed for all regulatory agencies."

No cuts anywhere...even in places where position should be eliminated...for example
Somewhat of a surprise is that the Community and Economic Development Department continues its current complement of almost 29 staff. That department ought to be examined as a candidate to reduce staff. This is because there is a long-term continuing decline in permitting activity and of economic activity.