Thursday, May 25, 2023

Bits and Pieces

Henry Zipf, great-grandson of the Pusch Family has died
"The Oro Valley Historical Society Board members are saddened to announce the passing of our President Henry K. Zipf. Henry was the great-grandson of George and Mathilda (nee Feldman) Pusch, grandson of Gertrude (nee Pusch) and Henry W. Zipf, and son of Henry (Hank) G. and Ann (nee Lourie) Zipf. Henry is survived by sons Nolan and Stephen and his partner, Debra. 

The Pusch/Zipf family has long historical roots in both the Greater Tucson and Oro Valley areas. Henry was an active member and board member of the Society for many years. He dedicated much time and many resources to the organization. He had a great deal of local knowledge of Oro Valley’s early years. Henry was full of entertaining stories that included ranch life and his lifetime in the Tucson area. Henry could “spin a good yarn” and his chuckle was infectious!" (Source: Oro Valley Historical Society email)

Summer "Disc Golf" at Pusch View Course
Town of Oro Valley is offering disc golf on he Pusch Ridge Golf Course from June 6 through September 30. Tee times be begin at 7am and players will be able to play until 7pm.  There will be no conflict with regular golf as there will be time sufficient to overseed prep the course for its November 1 opening. The group Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf would like to see the course offered as a year-round traditional golf course. (Source: Friends of Pusch Ridge Golf Newsletter)

Crimefighter Newsletter focuses on Phone Scams
This month's issue of Crimefighter, a publication of the Oro Valley Police Department, focuses on phone scams. It details four scams. The article links to some fraud prevention tips. Both the newsletter and the tips are worth reading. One scam they did not list is the "pays us with a visa debit card" scam.  This is where the scammer wants to you to send the money through your purchase of a debit card. These cards are not traceable, thus they are ideal for scammers  By the way, there is no reputable organization that would request you to do so... so don't fall for this one.

Don't forget to take the town's housing survey by May 31
The town is conducting a housing survey.  You can complete the survey online. You can do this as many times you wish with as many different answers as you wish.  To date, there have be almost 1,000 responses. The town's Phoenix-Based consultant on this project, WestGroup Research, is using phone calls to conduct a statistically valid survey.  There have been 350 of these to date.  (We wonder how this works given that most people use cell phones as their primary contact and there are no cell phone directories. Also, many phone cell users do not answer calls from anyone they don't know.) There is also a survey of business owners on this matter. 75 have responded so far.

Some consider this to be a  biased  survey of housing needs. 

The result of the survey matters because they will be relied upon in the building of the 2026 General Plan. Also, developers and town staff will use the results to assess economic development requests.

Community Center "silver sneaker" members disadvantaged if they want to be premium members
There are two memberships to the community center: Regular and premium. Members use the senior sneaker program, a program that some health care insurance providers offer, can get a"paid for" regular membership. However, they are not allowed to be a premium member unless they pay the full fee. If they do so, they forego the "silver sneaker" benefit. The town is looking in to this.
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