Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Little Bits

Cox to take on the OVCN challenge
Oro Valley resident and former Planning and Zoning Commissioner Don Cox announced last week that he is going to try to broker a deal among the town, the Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene ("OVCN"), and the Concordia/Buena Vista Group. His goal is for all to avoid litigation that he asserts will happen if the request by OVCN to build a sports facility on land next to the church is denied by the town. You can read about what OVCN wants to do and how the affected residents feel about that here. Cox made his announcement on the Oro Valley Podcast.

Cox posted the following on Nextdoor: "I have been told by reliable sources that OVCN has an alternate plan. I have also suggested that since there are more multi-purpose fields coming on line in the relatively near future, OVCN and the Town may be able to work out some deal with the Town of Oro Valley that is compatible to all parties (Town/Neighbors/OVCN). If not, then I see this issue heading to litigation. That’s not beneficial to any party. The Town NEED’s to get more involved. Once again their secrecy isn’t doing them and favors." 

The situation is complicated.  The town can not get involved at this point because it has not completed the application review process. The Church must complete the process, which includes an appeal to and denial by the Board of Appeals, before it has a case to bring to court.  Still, anything Cox can do to help would be good.

Keep Oro Valley Strong PAC closes...Oro Valley First PAC opens
The PAC, Keep Oro Valley Strong, raised $52,000 in funds in the last election. The funds were used to support the candidacies of the challengers by disparaging the accomplishments of the incumbent candidates. The PAC has closed operations, disbursing its remaining funds: $4,100 to the Arizona Heroes Memorial LLC and $2,000 to the Oro Valley First PAC. That PAC was opened in late December. The chairperson is Carolyn Cox. The treasurer is Don Cox. This is the same Don Cox who is working on the OVCN deal noted above.

Preserve Vistoso devises a new mission... implies "partnership" with town.
The group, Preserve Vistoso, has a devised a new mission. Originally, the group was formed to save the former Vistoso Golf Course from development. They raised $1.8 million from residents to help fund the purchase, together with the town and with The Conservation Fund ("TCF"). The problem was fixed when TCF, brought in by several Rancho Vistoso residents, thanks to a recommendation of former Council Member and then council candidate Bill Garner, purchased the property. TCF then turned the property over to the town with a permanent conservation easement. The town is in the process of building a master plan for that property. Tomorrow night, the Town Council will study the latest plan

Preserve Vistoso claims to be working in partnership with the town. "We’ve had several conversations with Kristy Diaz-Trahan, Oro Valley Director of Parks and Recreation, about how we can work together to realize the vision of the preserve and we’re excited to further define our new role..."which is "...partnering with the Town of Oro Valley to support the implementation of the soon to be completed Vistoso Trails Master Plan." No formal relationship has been established.
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