Friday, February 17, 2023

Bits and Pieces

"Crimefighter" focuses on internet safety for kids
This month's edition of "Crimefighter," a publication of the Oro Valley Police Department, focuses on internet safety for kids. The article provides a list of internet use guidelines for you to share with children and a list of basic guidelines for parental supervision. The article includes links for additional safety tips and videos. You can read the entire newsletter from the link we have provided.  You may want to sign up for "Crimefighter" and other Town of Oro Valley publications.

Aquatic Center Reopens
"The Oro Valley Aquatic Center has reopened after a temporary closure in December for improvements to the pump room, circulation and filtration, along with general maintenance and cleaning. The previous pool filters had reached the end of their useful lives and were replaced with modern, deep-bed filters. Although not noticeable to the eye, these filters allow for finer filtration to ensure a high standard of water quality for swimmers. To accommodate for the size of the new filters, the Aquatic Center’s pump room plumbing was expanded to the east. This new area will soon be enclosed and resulted in no loss of deck space for the public." (Source: Town of Oro Valley Media Release)

OVCN is on a "mission"
This past Sunday, Oro Valley Church of the Nazarene minister Chris Collins informed congregants that the Planning and Zoning Commission had not approved the Church's rezoning request.  Collins expressed his disappointment but emphasized his resolve to turn this setback into a victory.  OVCN sees their request in entirely religious terms. The defeat of the measure by the commission was based on the commission's conclusion that the sports complex which will sit on the property adjacent to the church is simply not suited for the character of the neighborhood of which it is a member. It also is not suited to the 2016 General Plan. The next hearing on the request is March 1. We expect a large turnout.

OVCN-A matter of perspective for some
A long dialogue on Nextdoor voiced poster opinions on the OVCN rezoning request. One of the posters included a map [panel right] to support their assertion that the size of the OVCN sports complex will be small in relation to the size of the "existing high school, park and swim complex." That is correct. However, it's not relevant to the rezoning request.

What we found interesting was the picture the commenter posted. The picture they posted is the one on the bottom right of the panel. It severely visually understates the impact on the adjacent neighborhood, as show on the picture on the top, because it includes a very small portion of the residential area. Even the map on top, which is the one the town uses, understates the area impacted.  There are many homes to the south and further west that are concerned about the impact.
We have to give the commenter credit for deceptiveness. The map is rather clever way of implying that the rezoning is a not "big deal".

Oro Valley issues call for Board and Commission Vacancies
The Town of Oro Valley is accepting applications from residents who are interested in serving on a Town Board, Commission or Health Care Benefits Trust, which was just recently approved by Council. These volunteer groups provide an opportunity for residents to be active in Town government.  These are:
  • Health Care Benefits Trust
  • Historic Preservation Commission
  • Planning and Zoning Commission 
  • Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee
  • Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Board
You can apply here.

Council approves drive-thru use for NW Corner of Naranja and La Canada
This past Wednesday, the Oro Valley Town Council voted 6-1 to approve a drive-thru use for a multi-use facility that will be built on the NW corner of Naranja and LaCanada. The drive-thru use had been opposed by some residents because it will increase traffic at an already busy intersection.  Paul Oland, representing the applicant, pointed out that the uses for which the property are currently approved would result in even more congestion than his client proposed. Read about that project here.

Shannon Road pavement and reconstruction project begins Feb. 21, drivers should expect traffic delays 
"The Town of Oro Valley will begin the Shannon Road pavement and reconstruction overlay project on February 21. During construction, Shannon Road from Lambert Lane to Naranja Drive will be limited to one lane of traffic with speed reduced to 25 mph. Drivers should expect delays. Please see details below. The project is expected to finish by April 14." (Source: Town of Oro Valley Media Release)