Monday, November 8, 2021

Winfield "Doubles Down" On His Support Of Municipal Golf

"No on wants our public courses to succeed more than I do"
“In October 2019, I approved the 36-holes of golf. No one wants our public golf courses to succeed more than I do.” 

Thus began Mayor Joe Winfield’s 8 minute explanation of why he supported spending almost $7.8 million to replace golf course irrigation. The council approved this expenditure by a 6-1 vote last week. 

“I also supported broadening the half percent sales tax, broadening to all parks and recreation, including the golf course irrigation. Delaying repairs will just cost more in the future.”

Reason: "Golf is the most popular sport in our community"
Referring to the public outreach that was on for the 2020 Parks and Recreation Master Plan: “It does identify that golf is the most popular sport in our community.” It also identified many other resident needs parks and recreation items that are important to the community. “We did have a good response to each of these outreach efforts.”

Basis: As validated they the towns "statistically valid survey"
Winfield relies on the a resident survey that was done in the development of the town's Parks and Recreation Master Plan

“When I looked at the statistically valid survey, the thing that really stood out to me was that half our community doesn’t use any of these amenities.” Winfield noted that despite this 93% of the community (users and non users) indicated that the “Parks and Recreation System Program makes Oro Valley a more desirable place to live.” 

"Nothing I like to see more than people on our golf courses"
Winfield noted that he doesn’t use many of the town’s parks and recreation facilities but “I know that it is important to our community and I want to invest in all these parks and recreation facilities and amenities, including golf because I know that golf is important to our community. There’s nothing I like to see more than people on our golf courses.”

Winfield stated that 22% of the respondents to the survey use the golf facilities.”I get a little weary of hearing that it is only 300 people. That’s nonsense.” According the Winfield, the national statistic for that is 9%. “And our facility is 22%.”

“I wish this bond was 50 million"
Winfield would like to build every part of the master plan now. “I wish this bond was 50 million.”

Winfield applauded town staff for recommending that $4.5 million of the golf irrigation replacement come from the $25 million parks and recreation bond, with the remaining $4.3 million coming from available reserves.

Mayor Winfield is confident in town staff's ability to get the irrigation rebuilt. “If we leave it to our staff to get the job done, they’ll make it happen.”