Friday, November 5, 2021

Bits and Pieces

Funding for Golf Course Irrigation Approved
Wednesday, The Oro Valley Town Council authorized the Town Manager Mary Jacobs to engage the services of Wadsworth Golf Construction Company to replace the irrigation on the town owned E; Conquistador and La Canada Courses. We reported about this project and the various options that were considered also on Wednesday. The town will fund the project using Parks and Recreation Bond Funds and Federal ARPA funds. The motion to approve was 6-1.  Council Member Bohen voted against the measure because he believed there are more important parks and recreation initiatives that serve the greater community that should be funded from the bond funds. 

Oro Valley To Manage A Portion of the NWRRDS Effort
The town has crafted an agreement between itself, The Town of Marana, and Metro Water to manage the construction and inspection of  the booster stations and discharge piping of the Northwest Recharge, Recovery, and Delivery System (“NWRRDS”). [See panel]. 

This is a 15 month project that will cost the three partners $65,500 each. The town will save itself and its partners more than $100,000 each because it will do the work that a consultant would be employed to do.

When completed, that project will recover Central Arizona Project (CAP) water stored underground at various locations in Avra Valley and deliver that water to the Northwest Recharge, Recovery and Delivery System (NWRRDS). From there, the water will be transported to the Oro Valley Water Service Area. It will increase the amount of Oro Valley  Water delivered to the town.
Town of Oro Valley launches new Adopt-A-Road/Trail website
"The Town of Oro Valley has launched a new website for the Town’s Adopt-A-Road/Trail programs, designed to save volunteers time and alleviate wait times with several new improvements. 

The Adopt-A-Road/Trail website is now a one-stop shop for volunteers to fill out forms and watch training information. In fact, volunteers no longer need to travel to Town buildings to watch a safety video or fill out paperwork. The process is 100% paperless, and the training video is available on the website." (Source:Town of Oro Valley Press Release)