Friday, June 11, 2021

Danny Sharp Running For Mayor In 2022

Danny Sharp Is Running For Mayor in 2022
Oro Valley resident Danny Sharp will run for Mayor in 2022. In a press release yesterday, Sharp says that he is running because he is concerned that Oro Valley residents will be negatively affected “…if businesses that our residents support are not provided an environment to be successful.” He continues: “A number of our neighbors have expressed concern about the lack of engagement and vision by our elected officials when it comes to the future or Oro Valley.” 

Sharp was the town’s Police Chief for 20 years, retiring in 2019. He also served as interim town manager in 2017, prior to the arrival of now town Manager Mary Jacobs. Wednesday, 

Wednesday, Sharp filed a statement of organization for his PAC, Danny Sharp For Mayor. Kathleen Robinson and Linda Simon are the PAC’s Chairperson and Treasurer, respectively. is his website.

The 2022 election will start with a primary in August of 2022.  The Mayor and three council seats will be up for election. No candidates, other than Sharp, have filed for these positions. Incumbents have not indicated if they will run for reelection.