Monday, July 27, 2020

Resident seeks "Common Sense" Solution For Historic Property

Resident wants comment sense to prevail at tomorrow's Town of Oro Valley Board of Adjustment meeting? 
One of your neighbors is looking for a 2.5 foot variance from street to allow replacement of a carport on an historic home. The home, built by Thomas Gist in 1959, is located in the "original section" of Oro Valley at the Oro Valley Country Club.

The town's Oro Valley's Historic Preservation Commission is considering making this the first private residence to be listed on the town’s historic registry. Currently, only Steam Pump Ranch is on this registry.

Town staff says "no"
Speaking to home owner Tracey Alexander: "The zoning staff’s recommendation to the Board is to deny our request for the variance because they do not think that an historic property is a 'special circumstance,' a criterion required to approve such a request. We believe otherwise. We value history and feel strongly about preserving it in all forms."

Here's how you can help
You can learn all about the request here.

You can join the Zoom meeting here.