Tuesday, July 28, 2020

CHCA and Town Golf Agreement Creates Conflict Of Interest

Agreement approved unanimously
On July 15, the Oro Valley Town Council unanimously approved an agreement with the Canada Hills Community Association ("CHCA"). CHCA (and The Villages of La Canada Master Association) will pay the town $125,000 annually, starting April 1, 2021 through April 1, 2025.

Implied agreement to keep 36 holes operating and in good condition
In return, the town agrees to use its best efforts to operate and maintain two golf courses subject to the following major contingencies:  "Conquistador Golf Course irrigation and repairs to be completed in 2022 and irrigation and repairs for the Canada Course in 2023..." subject to the financial impact of the pandemic.

CHCA Endorsement in light of this agreement is a conflict of interest
The CHCA is now doing business with the town. They are receiving something of value for money.

The problem is that the CHCA is also actively participating in the election by endorsing candidates Greene, Rodman and Solomon. (Source) They are doing this at the same time they are under contract with the The Town of Oro Valley.

Enterprises that are under contractual arrangement with the town should not be advocating in elections
This is a de-facto rule. For example, The Greater Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce receives funds from the town in return for providing services. It does not participate in elections. It does not endorse candidates. We believe that its agreement with the town prohibits this activity.

As individuals, the CHCA Board Members ( Rich Crocker,  Steve Jones,  Robin Jones, Chuck Milhiser, and Je LeFevre) are free to extoll the virtues of any candidate they prefer. They can donate to them at will. They can endorse whomever they wish.

However, the Homeowners Association they represent really should not do so.