Friday, June 5, 2020

Council To Lead Effort To Create Vistoso Golf Course As Green Space

The Oro Valley Town Council has moved to resolve the challenge presented by the closure of the Vistoso Golf Course. The owner, Romspen Mortgage Co, a Canadian firm, has applied for a general plan amendment that would convert the property to residential use. Residents are vehemently opposed.

Wednesday evening, Vice Mayor Barrett said that she and Mayor Winfield had attended a meeting on May 27th to discuss the future of the Vistoso Gold property. Oro Valley residents, Rosa Dailey and Tom Stegmen, organized this meeting.  Previous to this, Daily and Stegman had held numerous conversations with the Conservation Fund, a non profit organization. The Conservation fund was also at this meeting. The fund purchases property that they believe should be conserved and then, after considering alternatives, gifts the property to a third party for maintenance in perpetuity.

Wednesday evening the town council unanimously approved a motion that directs Town Manager Mary Jacobs to work with the Conservation Fund and Romspen Mortgage Company on the potential preservation of the open space; and to work with the Conservation Fund to help identify possible funding, including grant funding to acquire the property for a green space to be gifted to the town.

This is a huge step forward that will one day provide certainty to the residents on how that land will be used and provide a wonderful green space to the community.