Friday, March 20, 2020

Bits and Pieces

Oro Valley bans local gathering places from operating as such
Oro Valley Mayor Joe Winfield banned food establishments from serving food or drink on premises until at least March 31. This proclamation amends the proclamation issued Tuesday. It can be extended beyond March 31.

Food establishments can provide drive thru or in store pickup of orders. We have included the proclamation in the paned that follows.

In addition, any establishment were people could possibly congregate, such as gyms, theaters, bingo halls, and indoor and outdoor performance venues are to be closed. (source)

These actions put Oro Valley in line with actions taken yesterday by Pima County (View that here)

Winfield Emergency Proclamation Amendment
Lights finally out at Ironwood Ridge Fields
The lights in the ballfields at Ironwood Ridge High School ("IRHS") were burning bright the other night even though the school is closed. Eric Klein emailed the Amphi School District questioning why the lights were still on.

Klein is not the only one concerned about the lights. Another reader wrote us: "We can see those lights from our backyard and patio and we're not that close to IRHS."

That writer alerted us to another lighting challenge. This one concerns the new lights on La Cholla. "Last night they also turned
on  the new street lights at La Cholla and Glover. They are so bright. It's like lighting up a football field. It's such overkill! "

Questions nationally about roundabout crash safety
The Wall Street Journal published an article last week on the downside of roundabouts. "Roundabouts have proliferated around the U.S. in recent years, arriving in some areas of the Midwest and West for the first time. Yet even years after some are installed, driver confusion persists. And with confusion comes fender-benders."

The article states that more fatalities and injuries happen at traffic lights. This is because people "run the red lights."  The article asserts that there are less crippling crashes on two lane roundabouts, like the roundabout Oro Valley has at LaCanada and Moore Road. Roundabout crashes occur because not all drivers understand that a car in the inside lane will cross into the outside lane to exit the roundabout.

Baby wipes clog the sewer system
Do not flush wipes into the sewer system. According to Pima County, wipes clog pipes. They can cause sanitary sewer overflows. Instead, dispose of the wipe in trash can. Just another inconvenience.