Thursday, August 3, 2017

Community Center Golf Numbers for June 2017

Once again, the actuals did not live up to the rosy Troon forecasts.

Troon Forecasts

Member Rounds             1780
Non-Member Rounds     1330

TOTAL ROUNDS            3110


Member Rounds            1439     (Off by 341)
Non-Member Rounds      920     (Off by 410)

TOTAL ROUNDS          2359     (Off by 751)

A $12,000 shortfall in Non-Member revenue

Keep in mind that Non-Member Rounds are the revenue-producing rounds since Members pay the same monthly fee whether they play twice per month or 20 times per month.

At $30.00 per round, non-member revenue projections for June were $39,900.
(Projected 1330 rounds x $30.00)

The actual non-member revenue in June was $27,600.
(Actual 920 rounds x $30.00)

This is a $12,300 miscalculation!

Fiscal year-end financials will not be available until September. It’s a good bet that Troon’s forecasts will continue to be way off but they will still keep their job.