Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Guest View: “Nombe Watanabe” ~ With proper due diligence, Naranja Park could have been built without a 20-year long property tax

Those of you who have been following LOVE for years will remember one of our regular bloggers who went by the pseudonym, “Nombe Watanabe.” (This was back in the days when our “comments” section was open for commenting.) We always looked forward to his posts as they were not only factual, civil, and well-reasoned, but also witty. We recently received the following Guest View from “Nombe.”


I read the July 26th Explorer article entitled, “Oro Valley determining feasibility of troubled golf operations” with great interest.

In the article, Mayor Hiremath is quoted as stating that the study is: “the next step in the due diligence process.”

This is due diligence?
I have always thought that due diligence was a process that was fully in place before spending vast sums of taxpayer money. I stand corrected. I am concerned that the town of Oro Valley has spent $50,000 on a study which provided the same conclusion that many citizens had already come to at much less expense.

Town Council Marx the Spot
I am also concerned that the town of Oro Valley is gifting $2.2 million in yearly sales tax revenue so the 200+ members of the Golf Club can, golf. (That’s $11,000 per golfer.) I guess the new motto for the Great Seal of Oro Valley should echo Karl Marx:
From each according to his ability. To each according to his desire to play golf.
Redirect the dedicated sales tax increase to Naranja Park
Now the Mayor and his tax-and-spend crew want to impose a property tax for the build-out of Naranja Park. I fully support the park but the current town leadership wasted a chance to build a park for all to enjoy when they purchased a golf course instead, which only a few enjoy.

Oro Valley cannot afford a failing tax-supported golf course and restaurant and an expensive to maintain park. If we want the park, all golf and restaurant operations must be closed. The additional sales tax which supports the golf operations should be redirected to a fund for the park. No additional property tax should be placed on Oro Valley homeowners. Oro Valley already pays the highest property tax in the state to Pima County, with little return from the county.

Approving additional funding (property tax) to the current town administration is a very bad idea. The golf course fiasco has demonstrated that they can not be trusted with tax payer money. Rather than build a park for everyone to enjoy, the administration has raised taxes for a golf operation that only a few can enjoy. Shame.