Wednesday, July 15, 2020

We are publishing two articles today. One is the final installment of "The Solomon Chronicles." The other is the endorsement of Oro Valley Town Council Candidates Garner and Bohen by Mayor Winfield and Vice Mayor Barrett.

Winfield and Barrett To Vote '2 and Only 2': Garner and Bohen

Statement of Mayor Joe Winfield
Oro Valley Mayor Joe Winfield issued a statement that was published in the Explorer today.  Winfield is voting for '2 and only 2' in this election. The two are Bill Garner and Tim Bohen.

The following is the text of his statement:

"I had not intended to endorse candidates in the Council's primary election. However, I cannot reman silent while the two best candidates are maligned in costly attacks and mailers.

I will vote for Tim Bohen and Bill Garner in the Town Council primary election. I believe these gentlemen will always place residents first through fiscal responsibility, supporting public safety and defending the General Plan.

Please join me in voting for Bill Garner and Tim Bohen!"

Statement of Vice Mayor Barrett
In an email sent to the Explorer, Vice Mayor Melanie Barrett issued the following statement in support of Garner and Bohen.

"The non-partisan Town election is often decided in the Primary. This year the primary is on August 4th. I plan to vote for two individuals in the Primary election: Tim Bohen and Bill Garner."

Her message continues: "Both Bill Garner and Tim Bohen have committed not to accept large donations from special interests and developers, and will be focused on meeting the needs of our residents. They will seek citizen input, keep Oro Valley safe and financially secure, and honor our voter approved General Plan.

I would like to invite my fellow residents to join me in voting for Bill Garner and Tim Bohen on August 4th."

The Solomon Chronicles. Part 6. Promises and Lies

This is the final installment in our series of articles entitled, “The Solomon Chronicles,” highlighting the abysmal record of Councilmember Steve Solomon who is running for re-election. This series was written by a LOVE contributor and contains a synopsis of previous LOVE articles plus new information.
- - -
This article will discuss some of the lies that Steve Solomon is currently telling along with some of the lies he told when running for election in 2016.

Solomon’s golf course lie
We present this one to show you that Solomon has a history of lying. Solomon told this whopper when running for Town Council in 2016. He distributed this lie in a campaign flyer that was delivered to the homes along the town-owned golf courses in Canada Hills. At that time, he (along with Bill Rodman and Rhonda Pina) was running against incumbents Brendan Burns, Bill Garner, and Mike Zinkin. The flyer stated:
“Save your home value! The incumbents running for re-election have pledged to close and sell your golf course destroying your home value!” The flyer was “Paid for by Solomon for OV Council.”
That was an outright lie. Burns, Garner, and Zinkin had never pledged any such thing and when an Oro Valley resident asked Solomon to prove that they did, he couldn’t. He made it up. It was a complete fabrication designed to trick uninformed voters into voting for him…and they did.

Solomon’s $3 million deficit lie
Solomon actually used the adjective “whopping” in his next lie. A Freudian slip, perhaps? Because it’s another whopper of a lie. And he not only told this whopper when running for council in 2016, but he is repeating it again in the current 2020 election. He stated it during Jim Horn’s Town Hall podcast held on June 25th.

Here’s what he said during that Town Hall:
“During my time on council, I helped guide the town to financial success. From 2008-2010, the council generated a whopping $3 million dollar deficit. When I first took office in 2010, myself and the other new council members balanced the budget, eventually generating $2 million in annual surpluses.”
He also said it during the January 9, 2019 council meeting:
“…when I first came on council in 2010, we discovered that the budget that was approved by the prior council…had a $3 million deficit which they never bothered to point out or emphasize and we had to deal with it."
There was never a deficit
The Hiremath Council did not inherit a $3 million deficit in 2010 as Solomon claimed. Here’s the real story.

• First of all, it is against State law to have a deficient budget.

• The tentative, proposed budget showed a $3.1 million difference between requested spending and forecasted revenues. That’s not a deficit. A deficit only occurs when actual spending exceeds actual revenues. That never happened. This is the $3 million to which Councilmember Solomon refers. This was the Hiremath council’s budget. They did not inherit it from any previous council.

• The Council was told by the Town Manager (Jerene Watson at that time) that they needed to increase revenues or the staff was going to suffer layoffs and/or 4 day work-weeks.

• The Hiremath Council, including Steve Solomon, decided to raise those revenues by doubling your Utility Tax from 2% to 4%. Solomon doesn’t tell you that part.

Here’s another 2020 campaign lie
During the Sun City Candidate Forum held on June 30th, Steve Solomon said this during his closing statement.
“Dr. Greene, Bill Rodman’s, and my campaigns are all positive. We have not gone on the attack against our opponents. That’s something you may want to take into consideration in your evaluation.”
After implying that you shouldn’t vote for people who engage in attack ads, just 10 days later, Solomon and Rodman posted an attack ad on their Facebook pages where they attack “The Other Guys.” We assume that this same postcard will soon be arriving in your mailbox. But the biggest problem is, that once again, the accusations made against Bill Garner and Tim Bohen are all lies.

If time permits, LOVE will dissect those lies for you in an upcoming article.

The ESLO lie
In Solomon’s continuing campaign of self-promotion, during that same forum, Solomon took sole credit for creating the Environmentally Sensitive Lands Ordinance. He said,
“I’ve also put in place our environmentally sensitive land ordinance.”
He put it in place? Well, that will come as quite a surprise to all the other people who worked on that committee. Back in 2010, Solomon was just one member of the 7-member Public Advisory Committee assigned to work on ESLO. There was also a 10-member Technical Advisory Committee including people from Arizona Game & Fish, Arizona Geological Survey, and the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection to name a few.

But to hear Solomon tell it, he alone devised the plan and implemented the policy!

Campaign promises don’t matter
During the June 30, 2020 Sun City debate, when asked if there were any situations in which he would increase taxes, Solomon replied, “Read my lips. No new taxes.” But keep in mind what he said during the January 23, 2019 town council meeting:
"There is a major difference between campaigning and governing. It is really irrelevant what your campaign promises were.”
The inference is that Solomon believes that one can say whatever they wish in order to get elected, but once elected, there is no need to follow through.

If you’ve missed any of The Solomon Chronicles, the links are provided below for your convenience.

Part 1. Favoritism
Part 2. Voting Record 2016-2018
Part 3. Who funded Solomon's 2016 Town Council campaign
Part 4. Conflict of interest
Part 5. A pattern of incivility and disrespect
Part 5. A pattern of incivility and disrespect (Cont'd.)

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

We are publishing two articles today. One is our 2020 Election Primer. The other is about Cease and Desist letter sent by the town to Harry Greene.

The LOVE "Six Step" 2020 Election Primer

A "Six Step" Plan
You have your ballot. The future of Oro Valley is in your hands. How will you vote? If you are undecided, here's six steps to follow.

Step 1: Watch the two forum videos
There are two forum videos. Oro Valley resident Jim Horn hosted a candidate forum on June 29. Horn's forum is a "Meet and Greet" forum. Each candidate discussed their candidacy. There was no debate or cross discussion. You can watch that forum here.

The Sun City Oro Valley Government Affairs Committee hosted a forum on July 1. That forum included questions to which each candidate responded. The forum is worth watching.

Step 2: Read candidate question responses and check online sources
The Explorer sent questions to each candidate. The Explorer published their "Candidate Surveys" in their June 24th edition.

Visit online sources like Take Back Oro Valley and Oro Valley Thrives. Learn from social media. Search each candidate's name on Facebook and Nextdoor.

Step 3: Look at past behavior
"Past behavior predicts future behavior."

There is ample information in LOVE regarding the behavior and the actions of Council Members Rodman and Solomon. There is also information on the behavior and actions of former Council Member Bill Garner. Tim Bohen has posted on the pages of LOVE.

Harry Greene has never been active in Oro Valley. He is playing catchup. He play's mini-reporter in some videos on his facebook page, doing interviews to try to get up to speed on Oro Valley.  He's like a cub reporter. We published about him on LOVE so do read that.

Please do take a look at our article last Thursday regarding the "hit piece" put out by Greene, Rodman and Solomon. The mailer brings the bar of civility way down. We wonder what they would do if they were elected to council.

Step 4: Understand endorsements or "implied" endorsements
Greene, Solomon and Rodman have attached placards or stickers on their signs regarding endorsements. "Endorsed by police and fire" means that the police and fire unions have endorsed them; not the police department or the fire district. These two unions, together with the Realtors of Southern Arizona always support pro-growth candidates. They don't interview other candidates.

You will also want to be careful to not assume what appear to be endorsements on campaign signs. Solomon, for example, has a campaign sign on La Canada, north of Moore that has a “Preserve Vistoso” placard attached to it, inferring that he is supported by the organization "". has not endorsed him. They are not allowed to endorse any candidate because of their 501c3 status.

A new endorsement this year is the golf community surrounding the Oro Valley municipal courses. This is the Canada Hills Community Association ("CHCA"). They also support the pro developer candidates. They believe that Greene "...will best represent the Canada Hills Community Association".  Which we believe is code for "protect golf at any cost." As a council member, however,  Greene is supposed to represent the best interests of the entire community and not just the place he lives.

Candidates Garner and Bohen have not sought the endorsement of any group. They have earned the endorsement of people who actually do the "heavy lifting" of Oro Valley Government. Read about that tomorrow.

Step 5: Look at their contributors
Contributors are the best indication of the leanings of a political candidate. Contributors make donations to candidates who support their views. As we wrote last week, "big" money buys access. This week, the candidates will file reports telling us who has contributed to their campaign as of June 30. There will be another report they will file before the primary that will add to that list.

  • For Rodman and Solomon, LOVE looked at their 2016 campaign funding. Almost all of their money came from developers, HSL being the primary one. It's hard to imagine that they have no developer money in their 2020 campaign. We shall see.
  • Greene is a first time candidate.  He stated at the Sun City forum that he has no control over who donates to his campaign. "Anyone can click the 'donate' button." What Greene did not say is that he is free to reject a donation from someone with whom he does not want has campaign associated.
  • Bill Garner and Tim Bohen have told us that they have taken contributions only from local residents in small amounts.

Step 6: Vote only for candidate(s) you want to be on council
Yesterday, we wrote that you are not required to vote for anyone you don't want on council.  Casting a second or third vote for someone you really don't want on council reduces the chance that your chosen candidate(s) will win. These non votes are called undervotes. Undervotes have spelled the difference in past Oro Valley elections.

Do be judicious in your voting. No need to rush. The future of Oro Valley is in your hands.
The county sent the ballots on July 8.  You can call (520) 724-4330) if you did not receive yours.

"Cease and Desist" Letter Sent To Greene, Rodman and Solomon

Cease and desist use of town seal
Last week we reported of a political mailer sent by the campaigns of Greene, Rodman and Solomon. The mailer included the photo in the panel below. It is a picture of now ex-police chief Dan Sharp in uniform with a badge that includes the town's logo.

Class One Misdemeanor
Town Legal Services Director, Tobin Sidles wrote the a "Cease and Desist-Use of Town Logo" letter to Harry Greene on July 9.

"On or around July 8, either you or one fo your agents acting on your behalf created and published a political mailer advertisement, which included a picture of the Town Seal/Logo located in it on the badge of retired Police Chief Danny Sharp...  You are hereby put on notice that the Town of Oro Valley Seal/Logo is copyrighted within the State of Arizona.
Logo included in last week's political mailer
Further, under Town Code Section 10-1-26, it is a crime... to use the Town Seal/Logo without the prior consent of the Oro Valley Town Council. This specifically includes use for election purposes. You are hereby on notice that any pictures within your control containing the Town seal/logo within them must be "fuzzed out." (Source: July 9 letter from Tobin Sidles to Harry Greene)

Not in compliance in other areas
Add this to the list of other violations regarding political signage from which Greene, Rodman and Solomon suffer. These include placards that make their signs bigger than allowed and identification labels on signs that are smaller than required.

Monday, July 13, 2020

We are publishing two articles today. One is on the importance of voting for only those candidates you want to represent you on council. The other is about the Oro Valley 2020-21 town budget that will be discussed and possibly approved at this Wednesday's Oro Valley Town Council meeting.

Under-Voting Helps Your Preferred Candidates

Primary ballots in mail
The Pima County Recorder has mailed the ballots for the August primary. The ballot lists five Oro Valley council candidates.

You can vote for three. Should you?

Undervotes are common in Oro Valley council elections 
There is no requirement that you vote for three. You just can't vote for more than three.  The vote that you do not cast is called an "undervote."

Our analysis of Oro Valley election history reveals that the number of votes cast depends on the level of voter enthusiasm for the candidates.  The 2018 election resulted in a "sea change" on council.  99% of voters chose among six candidates.  They elected three new council candidates.

There was far less voter enthusiasm in 2016. There were six council candidates. 11% of the voters did not vote all three votes. Voters simply lacked enthusiasm for a second or third candidate. There were 4,438 undervotes in that election.

How undervoting helps your preferred candidate(s)
Voting for only those candidates you really want to represent you actually helps them win the election. Not simply because you voted for them; but because undervotes reduce the threshold to win a seat in August; and, if that does not happen, to qualify to be on the ballot in November.

The reason for this is that the number of votes needed to win or qualify decreases in direct proportion to the total number of votes cast. The threshold is determined by dividing the total number of ballots cast by the number of seats available. That total is then divided by 2.  The three candidates receiving the highest vote totals are declared winners if they received more votes than the threshold number of votes. As you can see from the example, undervotes can make a huge difference.
The county sent the ballots on July 8.  You can call (520) 724-4330) if you do not receive yours.

Guest View: Mike Zinkin ~ A budget for the employees, but not for the citizens

This is a continuation of my previous report on Town Manager Mary Jacobs Recommended Budget (TMRB) for FY 2020/21.  The town council will be voting to approve (or reject) this budget this Wednesday, July 15th. Jacobs' budget is filled with employee benefits and has little to benefit the Citizens. While the rest of us are all undergoing the effects of Covid-19, this budget does all it can to minimize its effect on the employees.

To refresh your memory
I previously mentioned how Jacobs desires “premium holidays” where the employees will not pay their share of their health insurance premium, and that if an employee decides to take the high-deductible plan, there will be no employee contribution at all. I also mentioned that the Town’s share of health benefit premiums is $3,220,753 while the employee share is just $571,509. Ms. Jacobs proposes that the Town pay 85% of health premiums.

I relayed that she wants to restore the garage at Steam Pump Ranch for employee office space in lieu of space for the Oro Valley Historical Society, and that there is still NO money going toward making the Community Center ADA compliant.

Unfortunately, there is more.

The following information can be found on page v, page 9, and page 14 of the TMRB.

Parks and Rec
Jacobs proposes to save $42,000 from the PRO consulting contract (the contract to assess the Town’s parks and rec needs) so the Town can instead “rely on internal staff to supplement the consulting work.” Could this be so that the Town can rely on internal staff to manipulate the findings?

Take from the volunteers and give to the employees
Jacobs proposes to reduce the funding for the volunteer recognition dinner from $16,000 to $10,000, while she proposes spending $10,000 for employee recognition awards (this equates to about $300 per employee). She also proposes to spend $5,000 for an employee holiday party.

The volunteer recognition dinner is the only way the Town has historically thanked all the volunteers, such as Board and Commission members, library volunteers, CVAP volunteers, all who give freely of their time to make Oro Valley a Citizen-driven community. Why can’t the employees “share the pain” of the Covid pandemic and forgo their Holiday party instead? After all, they have not been laid off or furloughed like many other communities.

Outside professional services
There are other misappropriations like $3,000,000 for outside professional services. If we hire “the best and the brightest,” why do we need to spend an additional $3,000,000 for outside help?

Community Center
The Community Center Fund has NEVER had a positive balance anywhere near $3,000,000 yet Ms. Jacobs proposes to invest in irrigation fixes on the golf courses totaling $3,000,000. Do you really think that the CCF will have a $3,000,000 positive balance AFTER it pays its obligations to the General Fund ($120,000) and the debt service fund ($148,000)?

Mayor and Council please review the TMRB closely and do not just give staff a blank check. Remember YOU work for the CITIZENS.

Mike Zinkin and his wife have lived in Oro Valley since 1998. He served on the Oro Valley Development Review Board from 2005-2009, the Board of Adjustment from 2011-2012, and the Town Council from 2012-2016. He was named a Fellow for the National League of Cities. He was a member of the NLC Steering Committee for Community and Economic Development and a member of the Arizona League of Cities Budget and Economic Development Committee. He was an Air Traffic Controller for 30 years. Mike has a Bachelor’s degree in history and government from the University of Arizona and a Master’s degree in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education from California State University, Northridge.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Councilmember Steve Solomon is disruptive during the Sun City Town Hall

During the June 30, 2020 Sun City Town Hall with all 5 town council candidates present, in typical Steve Solomon fashion, he was disrespectful to the moderator and the other candidates, disruptive of the process, and refused to follow the rules.

The moderator set the rules at the beginning of the town hall:
“I will ask each candidate a unique question and that candidate will have a minute and a half to answer. After that answer, in alphabetical order by last name, the other candidates will be provided up to 45 seconds for a quick response if they so desire.”

Therefore, whenever Bohen or Garner finished their answer, the order for giving a 45 second response would be: Greene – Rodman – Solomon.

But, as usual, Solomon refused to be respectful and follow the rules. In the attached video (just over one minute in length) you will witness the following:

Solomon interrupts Bohen
Tim Bohen discusses the fact that the people who made the largest donations to incumbents Rodman and Solomon’s 2016 town council campaigns were non-residents. (LOVE previously reported that these non-residents were developers, builders, and real estate PACs).

Solomon immediately interrupts. “There you go talking about 2016. If you want to accuse me of something, I suggest you (inaudible). Are we going to allow people to accuse other candidates…"

Throughout this interruption, the moderator can be heard repeatedly saying, “Mr. Solomon…Mr. Solomon…please.” But Solomon ignores him and continues talking over him. (This is the same behavior that Solomon exhibits during town council meetings.)

Solomon interrupts Garner
The moderator then calls on Bill Garner who says, “It’s pretty rich when he [Solomon] talks about his campaign finances because not one dime came from an Oro Valley resident in 2016…"

Solomon interrupts again. “That’s false, that is a lie, he cannot make a false statement a fact.” Garner attempted to finish his turn speaking but Solomon continued interrupting. “Do you live in Marana or do you live in Oro Valley? How about you address that question because you applied for the council in Marana.”

Garner: “Please cut Mr. Solomon off Mr. Moderator.” (Garner is polite and says “please.” He is asking, not demanding.)

Solomon barks orders to the moderator
Solomon: “No, cut Mr. Garner off if he’s going to lie.” (Solomon is abrupt and demanding. He is ordering, not asking.)

Moderator: “Please follow the outline.”

Solomon: “Well, how about we do this? How about we make a pledge not to make false accusations against the candidates because that’s an outright lie.”

(Now Solomon is telling the moderator how to run the meeting. He’s trying to take over the meeting just like he tries to take over Town Council meetings).

Moderator: “Mr. Solomon, you are free in your closing statement to say whatever you would like.”

Solomon’s Diversion Tactics
Solomon tried to make an issue out of a non-issue (Bill Garner’s place of residence) in order to create a diversion and take the focus off of his special-interest campaign contributors. So to clarify, Bill Garner and his family lived in Oro Valley from 2004-2017, then briefly lived in Marana for a little over a year, returning to Oro Valley in February 2019. So yes, Bill Garner is eligible to hold office in Oro Valley.

In 2018, after the sudden passing of Marana Councilmember Carol McGorray whom Garner had known personally for many years, he applied to fill the vacancy when there was a call for applicants to fill the remainder of her term. Garner never ran for the Marana Town Council and had no plans to do so.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Greene, Rodman, Solomon Launch Disgusting Attack on Garner

Candidates Greene, Solomon, and Rodman introduce a new low to Oro Valley elections
Today's mail included an 8.5 x 11 inch glossy mailer that was paid for by the campaigns of council candidates Harry Greene, Steve Solomon, and Bill Rodman. It features Ret. Oro Valley Police Chief  Daniel Sharp.

Sharp says Garner is a threat to public safety
Sharp asserts that "Bill Garner's candidacy... is a threat to a very successful approach" to Oro Valley public safety...when on council he practiced 'wedge politics', creating conflict.."

Sharp states that Garner has "...continued to work behind the scenes to undermine the Department."  He concludes that "A vote for Bill Garner is a vote against public safety."

Saying something does not make it so
Sharp makes these outrageous assertions without providing one example.

In addition, Sharp fails to mention that in 2009 while on council, Garner and Oro Valley resident John Musolf worked with Sharp to save 8 police officer positions in the budget. Garner worked for public safety. Not against it! Their work resulted in a 7-0 police budget approval by council. (source)

Sharp's image on mailer fraudulent
The picture of Sharp in the mailer conveys the impression that Sharp is still in charge of the department and that, therefore, he represents the views of the department. It's a picture that was posted on a website in October, while he was Chief of Police. He is wearing his Chief's uniform. The badge on the uniform includes the town logo.  Sharp's signature on the mailer puts the word "Ret" after OVPD Chief of Police. Most people won't even see that.

The Oro Valley Police Department does not support this attack
We asked Oro Valley Police Chief Kara Riley if the  Department was associated in any way with this document. Riley's reply is quoted in the panel at left. Clearly, any inference that the views of Sharp reflect the views of the Department are false.

Council candidate Bill Garner rebuts Sharp's accusation
"Frankly, I was stunned by the political mailer. My campaign has had nothing but positive messaging and support towards public safety. I did not oppose the community policing model nor was it cut or modified while I served on council. I actually advocated for retaining police officers when the former chief removed them from a recommended budget in 2009.

Oro Valley has turned a new chapter in our police department leadership. I’ve met with Chief Riley and have nothing but respect for the manner in which she is running the department. I look forward to working with her."

The repulsive three
We always thought Council Member Solomon capable of low behavior. After all, he led an attempt to recall Mayor Winfield and Vice Mayor Barrett. He's ranted and raved at council meetings. He told one person at a council meeting that they should leave Oro Valley if they don't like it here.

But we never thought that Rodman or Greene would allow their campaigns to participate in something so repulsive. Nor did we ever imagine that a former police chief would allow himself to be used.

Why would anyone want Harry Greene, Steve Solomon, or Bill Rodman on council? 
They have introduced Oro Valley to the depths of depravity with this behavior.

Imagine what they will do to council.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Solomon Chronicles. Part 5. A pattern of incivility and disrespect (Cont’d.)

With the Town Council election on the horizon, LOVE will be presenting a series of articles entitled, “The Solomon Chronicles,” highlighting the abysmal record of Councilmember Steve Solomon who is running for re-election. This weekly series will highlight his 4-year record of incivility and his interdependent relationship with local developers. This series was written by a LOVE contributor and contains a synopsis of previous LOVE articles plus new information.

- - -
This topic was divided into two parts. The first half was published last Wednesday. If you missed it, you can find it directly below this article. As you continue reading, keep in mind that these are some of the assertions that Steve Solomon made when he ran for Town Council in 2016.

• I am running for Town Council to bring civility, professionalism, collaboration, and positive forward momentum back to our community and Town Government. [Explorer Newspaper, June 8, 2016]

• Practicing civility and finding common ground are what I do best. [Facebook page, Solomon for Oro Valley Town Council, July 29, 2016]

Face-to-face threats
2018. During a public event in 2018, first-hand accounts indicate that Solomon yelled verbally abusive comments at two women and threatened to sue them for slander after they stated their opinion that Council votes were likely being influenced by wealthy special interest donations. He asserted that their comments equated to accusing HIM of the felony act of bribery because he had accepted donations from wealthy special interests. Of note is that no one accused him or any other council member of doing anything illegal…just unethical.

Additionally, these two women are not the only Oro Valley residents who have made this observation. Numerous residents have made the same comments in Letters to the Editor and also when speaking at Town Council meetings. Yet, not once has any Town Council member, except Steve Solomon, felt the need to retaliate by verbally accosting any of these residents or threatening them with lawsuits.

Email threat #1
2017. After Solomon voted to amend the Steam Pump Village PAD to permit an indoor storage facility, a resident emailed Solomon questioning his vote. She questioned why he voted to approve a storage facility in an area that was planned as a future dining/shopping area and walkable gathering space. (She was referring to the Oro Valley Main Streets destination dining and shopping area that was on the table at the time).

She stated that, “The only conclusion I can draw is that it had something to do with the $13,000 in campaign contributions from Diamond Ventures.”

(She was referring to the total donations that Diamond Ventures contributed to the campaigns of the Hiremath Majority-7 council, all of whom voted to amend the PAD to allow the storage facility over the protests of Oro Valley residents. $1,900 of that amount was donated to Solomon’s campaign specifically.)

Solomon then went off the rails, claiming that she had accused him of “criminal activity, of accepting a bribe.” He continued, “This is a slanderous unsupported claim. It is a well-established legal principle that such a criminal accusation against a private person or public official is not protected speech and the accuser is subject to legal action.” He stated that the situation “may result in legal action” against her.

She responded by telling him that citizens "expect to be allowed to question our elected officials without fear of retaliation and the threat of a lawsuit. After all, citizens do have the right to discuss public affairs with their elected officials.” She also informed him that he clearly did not know the legal definition of slander.

Solomon immediately backed down from his lawsuit threat.

Email threat #2
2018. Solomon accused yet another citizen of slander and threatened him with a defamation lawsuit in Pima County Superior Court that would “include a large monetary damage amount” unless he met Solomon’s demand of “a written retraction and apology,” and publicly reading that apology at the next town council meeting, and submitting a settlement “payment of $50,000” by September 7, 2018.

The resident ignored the threat and, once again, Solomon backed down.

A boy named Sue
Councilmember Solomon has threatened to sue FOUR Oro Valley residents for slander and/or defamation over a 2-year period. And these are just the ones that we know of. This earned him the nickname of “A boy named Sue.”

Solomon blows his top during a council meeting
2019. During the December 4, 2019 council meeting, Solomon attempted to take over the meeting, first interrupting Councilmember Jones-Ivey and yelling at her, then yelling over Mayor Winfield as he tried to speak. This outburst led to the mayor threatening to have him removed from council chambers. You can view the video of this incident HERE.

“Practicing civility and finding common ground are what I do best.”

UP NEXT: Although this was originally the end of our 2-part article on the topic of incivility and disrespect, Solomon’s ego is the gift that keeps on giving. So be sure to read LOVE Friday to see a video excerpt of Solomon’s disrespectful outbursts at the Sun City Candidate Forum held on June 30, 2020.

- - -
The final installment of The Solomon Chronicles, “Promises and Lies” will be published next Wednesday