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Monday, January 4, 2016

While We Were Away...

Kamoske Not Guilty Of All Charges
Oro Valley resident Tom Kamoske for allegedly assaulting Oro Valley Vice Mayor Waters was judged not guilty of all counts on December 18. (Reference) As we previously reported in "Much Ado About Nothing" (includes slow motion enlarged video of the incident), there as never a case against Kamoske. This was purely a political ploy on the part of Waters and the Oro Valley Police Department to discredit the challengers in the recall election.

The judge ruled immediately after hearing the "evidence." There was no assault on Waters. There was no damage. Kamoske's guilt was not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Case closed.

Read more on the bench trial in the Arizona Daily Independent. From it you will learn that Waters claimed that he did not know that his wife had organized the "gauntlet" of which he was a participant or that she had rallied people to attend.  How believable is this?

Bill Adler Remembrance Service a heartfelt event
Residents and friends gathered on December 27 to remember Oro Valley resident Bill Adler. A number of speakers talked of how Bill had helped them through years. Mayor Hiremath spoke of his deep and committed relationship with Bill. We spoke of why Bill was so active for more than 20 years in our community. In Bill's words: "I speak out because I know that other's won't." Oro Valley will sorely miss Bill's voice.

New Year's Fun Run
The town sponsored New Year's fun run hosted several hundred runners. The run originated from steam pump ranch and runners used the CDO Wash Multi-Use Trail. That trail, by the way, now has spur to Catalina State Park. That spur starts south of the Oro Valley Marketplace and runs under Oracle Road. It ends at the traffic light entrance to the state park.

LOVE Future Postings
LOVE is going to continue on hiatus. We will consider posting writings of others so let us know if there is something you wish published. Otherwise, we will publish "Oro Valley News" as the top posting in the blog.

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Happy Holidays

LOVE is on holiday.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Heather's Corner: The Best Of Heather

Heather's Corner will return after the holidays.

In the meantime, take a  moment to read some of her many prior columns. Tell us which you like best.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Guest View-MIke Zinkin: November's Golf Losses Worse Than Plan... Again

Well, the November golf numbers are in, and not to anyone's surprise, the town once again failed again to make the revenue forecast.

Golf Losses Estimated At $1.4 million for the first five months of this year!
Total number of rounds was 16% less than budget for the month of November.  The average revenue per round was 8% less than plan at $37.49. Combining these shortfalls, total revenue of $197,310 was 23% less than budget.

For the fiscal year (July 2015 - November 2015) actual revenue results are lees than the Town Manager's forecasts are by $351,619.37.

Page 127 of the Town Manager's budget shows that expected (forecasts) losses from July - November are $1,075,185. Add to that the added loses, which are higher that forecasts, and golf has lost an estimated $1,426,804.37 in the first 5 months of the fiscal year.

This is outrageous
One of the reasons offered for not making the forecast was that there were 9 days when frost limited available play. I guess frost is a new phenomenon that was never figured in the forecasts. In prior budget years the Town Manager always forecasted toward the worse case scenario, therefore, we were prepared for things like frost delays. This year is different. The golf forecast appears to be the best case scenario.

We can not continue to do business like this
An alternative will be offered in the January 6 Council Meeting. We will be discussing the possibility of entering into an agreement with Integrity Golf, who might agree to a triple net lease of the golf. This will require terminating our contract with Troon. Whether Integrity Golf is the answer or not, we must find a way to stop the red ink this irresponsible real estate decision is causing.

The November report states that we now have 252 total golf memberships, of which 245 are Town residents. Is it right for the 41,000 people in Oro Valley to supplement golf for the sake of 245 residents? The golf members accounted for 2,789 of the 5,263 rounds of golf, or 52%.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

UPDATE On Service: Oro Valley Resident Bill Adler Passes

Oro Valley Resident Bill Adler passed last evening. This is certainly a loss for our community and our condolences to Bill's family. Today is Bill's 80th birthday!

Adler was active in our community serving on many of Oro Valley's Boards and Commissions.  He attended numerous council and commission meetings. He sponsored concerts. His commitment to our community was decades long. He always watched out for the residents.

The following are some initial comments we received on Bill's passing:
"He tirelessly worked to improve the process and results for Oro Valley. I always appreciated his views and reasoning on issues and opportunities." (Pat Straney,Oro Valley former Mayoral Candidate)

"That is very sad news. He always wanted the best for our community." (2015 council candidate Ryan Hurting.

"Our community has lost a vitally important voice that even those who disagreed with him will ultimately come to miss." (Oro Valley Resident Mike Schoeppach)

"Indeed, this is very sad news. I always thought of Bill as the father of Oro Valley - who always wanted what he believed was right. Since we never agree with anyone 100% of the time, there were some issues that we had different opinions on. But I always respected His knowledge and his passion for the town. We will all feel this loss." (Shirl Lamonna, Oro Valley resident and 2015 town council candidate)

"Bill's dedication to making the Town a better place cannot be matched. We will miss him!" (Don Bristow, Oro Valley resident and 2014 council candidate)

"Sad news for everyone in the town. He was very dedicated to making Oro Valley the best town it could be." (Steve Didio, Oro Valley resident and 2015 Oro Valley council candidate).

"I’ve known him since we moved to Oro Valley in 2000, and long ago came to appreciate him for his deep commitment not only to the town, but to so many worthy causes. He was an extraordinary man – intelligent, intense, passionate, caring, wry, even humorous despite the grouchy visage he sometimes liked to adopt. I worked with him before, during, and after my years on town council as well as on committees and most recently the Board of Adjustment, and always found his insight and advice invaluable. He was I believe, a teacher at heart – happiest when leading discussions and encouraging people to expand their intellect and view the world and it’s myriad problems in heretofore unseen ways. His passing is an immeasurable loss to the community and to all of his friends and family."(Helen Dankwerth, former Oro Valley council member).
Watch Bill's Video on Oro Valley' heritage. He was very proud of it.

In lieu of flowers, the family is asking that donations in Bill's name be sent to the Southern Arizona Arts Cultural Alliance (SAACA) or the Oro Valley Public Library.  Cards can be sent to Bill's daughter, Amy Freeman. Her address is 7730 N. 2nd ave, Phoenix, Az 85021.

There will be a service of remembrance the afternoon of Sunday, December 27th at the Oro Valley Community and Recreation Center on Sunday at 2pm in the Sunset Room.

This from Bill's family regarding the service: "We are hoping to keep it will be upbeat and have it be mostly a time for people to share stories and thoughts. Please pass this information on to anyone you think would like to attend. If you would like to speak, please let us know. We are creating a program. We hope to see you there!"

And please share your thoughts on Bill by commenting on this post.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Oro Valley Has Big Dreams, But No Money For Kreigh Park

The Town Of Oro Valley is negotiating the purchase of 8.9 acres adjacent to and north of land north at James Kreigh Park from the Amphi School District. This purchase presents the town with an opportunity to improve park facilities. Kreigh is where the Oro Valley Aquatic Center is located.

Parks and Recreation Department Director Kristy Dias-Trahan present the conceptual plan for the park to the Oro Valley Town Council at it's December 2 meeting.

This park will be the "home of baseball" for both little league and "big league" use with the opportunity to use them for senior softball. The fields will  include what is called a "skinned" infield that can be removed for softball play. There are two 225 foot fields and two 250 foot fields. There is room for the fields to the fields need to be larger.
Kreigh Park... Future and Now

Existing multipurpose soccer/baseball fields will be reconfigured with four baseball fields in a traditional clover-leaf pattern with concession stand, restroom, and scorekeeper building in the middle. Large mature trees will remain. Associated spectator seating, batting cages, bullpen are also included.

The conceptual plan also includes:
  • Relocation for the Dog park from the northeast to the southeast side of the park, near the aquatic center, to include a restroom
  • Footprint for future aquatic center expansion 
  • A more "robust, adventourous" playground with an adventure/tree house theme
  • Racquetball courts removed and lit outdoor basketball courts with associated ramada 
  • Field of Dreams and the Christina Taylor Green memorial would remain in place; however, concession stand is to be removed 
  • Multipurpose general park use as well as space for tee ball 
  • A second playground, ramadas, picnic tables, barbecues, restroom, and group use space 
  • Parking lot, access drive to Canyon del Oro High School, small maintenance facility, and storm water/drainage channel Egleston Drive is a continuous north/south roadway with a drop-off and pick-up loop in the middle of the park, which is the east park entry plaza with an associated ramada
"It is really well designed conceptual site plan." observed Council Member Burns.

The council unanimously approved the plan. However, there are no funds to pay for this plan in either next year's planned budget or in the next 5 year financial plan.  The hope was to get the community to pay for this plan through the rejected Pima County Bonds.

So, at the moment, it is more of a conceptual dream than a conceptual plan.

The town's little league "...is very excited about getting the little league consolidated," according to Council Member Snider. And, yes, prior to the towns purchase and operation of the El Conquistador Country Club this may have been achievable.

Perhaps had the town not dove headlong into purchasing 47 holes money losing golf, the town could have the funds for this and other "planned" parks and recreation concepts that have been repeatedly requested by our residents.