Thursday, September 1, 2016

Guest View-John Spitler: A Special Thank You To Mike Zinkin

After the votes are counted and the doors close, we as voters get to contemplate what has taken place and if we are dissatisfied, we start to think…….. what just happened and why?

In these strange times, this is becoming the world of the “Whistle Blower”.

It takes time for the people to appreciate what the whistle blowers do for us and how they bring attention to points that effect all of us, whether we know it, or not. We have just witnessed the removal of one of our whistle blowers to that faction that would want to keep us, the town’s people of Oro Valley, under the covers.

In time, this will become clear, but for now, all we can say is Thank You Mr. Zinkin, you have served us well!

John Spitler
Oro Valley Resident

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