Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Challengers In. Incumbents Out.

Challengers Pina, Rodman, and Solomon are in. Incumbents Garner, Zinkin and Burns are out.

This is according to preliminary results from yesterday's Oro Valley town council primary election. Each of the challengers earned more than the required threshold votes to remain in the election. Each of the incumbents did not. Therefore, a final vote in November will not needed if these results hold.

The results are preliminary because there may be a few provisional ballots and possibly some mail in ballots delivered to the polls that have not yet been tallied. In order for the result to change, however, these ballots would have to total at least 700 and all of them would have to have contain votes only for the incumbents. Even at that level, only one of the incumbents would remain on the ballot.

The numbers posted as of 5AM MST on September 2:

Candidate Votes Threshold Excess over Threshold
Pima 6794  5,648  1,146
Solomon 6706  5,648  1,058
Rodman 6105  5,648  457
Garner 4954  5,648  (694)
Zinkin 4787  5,648  (861)
Burns 4544  5,648  (1,104)
Total Votes 33890

"Threshold" is the number of votes that a candidate must achieve to remain on the ballot for November. It is calculated by taking the total number of votes tallied and dividing by 6.