Monday, September 12, 2016

Guest View-Don Cox: Mandate Of Historic Proportions

I doubt many, if any, of those who read this will give it much thought. And that’s part of what is wrong, in my opinion, with most of the ‘LOVEite’s’.

You lost an election two+ years ago when the Majority 4(M4) were elected because you had no vision of the future. You ran a “We Are Opposed” campaign. You then pounced on the failed referendum effort. And while the ruling made by then Town Clerk Julie Bowers, was 100% accurate and in accordance with the law, as demonstrated by the resulting rulings at three different court levels, you refused to accept it. Your position was, “We was robbed!”

Then, in a fit of anger over the ineptitude of two of your own, you gave birth to the recall. Now I have to admit that you did a very good job of disguising the truth and were far louder than the M4 supporters. But you lost that one in a close contest. What should have happened after that loss is the Minority 3 (M3) should have joined in and gotten behind the Community Center. This could have resulted in having something positive to talk about in the upcoming primary. But the continued lack of vision for the future prevailed and you kept beating the dead horse. For five months you whipped that carcass.

Then the primary election was upon us. And the signs came out. And then the tacky, childish modifying signs came out. What you forgot was that during the recall election there was a lot of dissatisfaction expressed by many residents about the “tacky signs” and the number of unreadable signs. The M3 also made a series of political fatal mistakes. They made the M4, the carcass of that dead horse, and my mailer the focal points of their campaign. They totally forgot who they were running against. They also ONCE AGAIN, expressed no vision for the future. They ran a “this is what we are against” campaign.

On August 30, 2016 you were handed the most lopsided defeat is recent Oro Valley history. You said after the recall that the 51% to 49% wasn’t a clear victory. What is your opinion of a 58% to 42% whuppin’? Hopefully that made everything clear enough.

At some point I would hope that most of you would take stock in the fact that you are on the wrong side of the vast majority of folks in this town on many issues of importance. I think that dissent is healthy and in most cases it produces a better end product. But when the end product is produced EVERYONE should get behind that product and support it. It’s good for the future. ….for all of us.

Don Cox
Oro Valley, AZ