Monday, March 30, 2015

Mayor Hiremath: The Residents and The Police Are Patrners

The downward trend in Oro Valley crime that we reported last week prompted a continuing conversation with Oro Valley Mayor Satish Hiremath.

"The relationship between the police department and the town’s residents is key to assuring we keep Oro Valley a safe community," according to Mayor Hiremath."

The Mayor believes that Oro Valley Police Department's proactive approach " key to assuring we maintain our quality of life in Oro Valley. The reason the Oro Valley Police Department is as effective as they are is due to the combined efforts of a number of areas moving in the same direction "

Mayor Hiremath is committed to ensuring that the Police Department has the resources and the flexibility to address any and all issues that threaten public safety and security.

To the Mayor, the amount spent on public safety and the result achieved go hand-in-hand.  "Any reduction [in spending] equates to less service and diminished safety."

Mayor Hiremath relies "... on the expertise of the Chief of Police and his staff to let us know what is necessary to provide service, and I trust them to carry out their mission. Chief Sharp is the expert in the field and, while it may appear to some he has a blank check, I can assure you he does not."

The Mayor feels that those who want to cut specific line items form the police budget do not understand how the system works. "Each part plays a crucial role as related to the outcome."

A $1million reduction in spending would save $23.15 per resident annually. This is about 6 cents per day. "Would you rather save 6 cents a day or possibly become a victim of a crime?"

Mayor Hiremath says that bad guys target a town that reduces its police budget.

"Some people who commit crimes are aware of budget season in municipalities in hopes that public safety monies will get cut, because they know this will lead to less police officers being able to respond to lower level crimes such as burglaries."

"The proven track record of the Oro Valley Police Department makes them a model other communities follow, and I am very pleased with the service they provide. I am proud to be the Mayor of a town with such low crime statistics!"

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