Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Oro Valley Serious Crimes Down in 2014

Oro Valley residents got some "good news" in this years's Oro Valley Police Department 2014 crime reports.

Serious Crime Down by 12%

Serious crimes decreased by 12% to 678 in Oro Valley in 2014. This according to the final 2014 statistics published by the Oro Valley Police Department.

Theft continues to be Oro Valley's most serious crime. It accounts for more than 4 out of every 5 serious crimes. In 2014, only 2 of the 12 serious crime reporting categories, Burglary and Sexual Assault, showed an increase. So, lock your doors and turn on the alarm!

Further good news is that the number of serious crimes continues to decline. At the same time Oro Valley's population has remained relative stagnant. The result is a slight decrease in the crime rate (per 100,000 population).

Oro Valley is a "safe haven" compared to other Southern Arizona communities. Oro Valley's serious crime rate per 100,000 is 1,650. The Arizona state serious crime rate is more than twice that rate at 3,800.
Neighboring communities have higher crime rates. Marana, for example, has a smaller population than Oro Valley yet had 32% more serious crimes in 2013. Perhaps this has something to do with its proximity to I-10.

Violent Crime Down To Less Than 4%

Violent crime (murder, rape, robbery, and assault)  in Oro Valley is relatively rare. Violent crime is less than 4% of all serious crimes in Oro Valley. There were 21 violent crimes in 2014. Aggravated assaults, assaults of a particularly violent or threatening nature, were two-thirds of Oro Valley's violent crimes. The statewide average in 2013 was more than 10%. (Source)

We asked Mayor Hiremath his view on this year's results:
"The Oro Valley Police Department continues to provide quality service to the residents, businesses and visitors in the Town. The voter approved General Plan calls for Community Policing as our guide for the provision of police service, and we are fortunate that Chief Sharp, along with his department’s leadership, has a solid grasp of those principles necessary to carry out that mission. The relationship between the police department and the town’s residents is key to assuring we keep Oro Valley a safe community."
How To Avoid A Driving Citation

The Oro Valley Police Department also reported its "citations issued" for 2014.  The Odepartment issued a total of 4,240 citations. The statistics tell us that doing 3 things in particular will help you avoid a citation:
  • Keep your registration, insurance and drivers license valid
The citation of not maintaining proper registration, a valid traffic license, or valid insurance accounted for almost 1,850 violations.  
  • Observe the speed limit
Speeding accounted for 32% of  all citations in 2014. 
  • Drive sober 
There were more than 200 DUI citations issued.
And, of course, do drive safely: Stay in your lane, use your lane change signals and do not run a red light.

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