Friday, March 27, 2015

Bits and Pieces

Hartung: "OVCOG Recall Effort Is Not About Police"

We've been alerted by a resident of Suffolk Hills that some Oro Valley police, who live in the subdivision north of Suffolk Hill, are telling neighbors that OVCOG members are anti-police, and that the recall effort of the Majority's-4 is about electing people to make anti-police policy changes.

We followed-up with OVCOG's leader, Ryan Hartung:

LOVE:  Is OVCOG anti-police?

Hartung: "Absolutely not. We have never discussed the police department at our meetings. The Oro Valley Police Department does an excellent job helping to keep our town safe. Our issues are with the recent votings of the council and them not listening to their constituency and making decisions without doing their due diligence. The police department's spending has nothing to do with OVCOG."

LOVE: Is the recall about electing people to make anti-police policy changes?

Hartung: OVCOG is not about electing people, period. We are only concerned about gaining the signatures necessary to force a recall election. Only when that goal is met will we even think about candidates. The goal of OVCOG is ONLY to gather signatures for the recall election. We are not trying to flip the council from one side to another. We have heard of many people interested in running for council, should a recall election occur, but we have not decided who, if any candidates we might support. Again, we have never discussed the police department, nor will we, as they have nothing to do with OVCOG.

There are two "third-rails" of Oro Valley politics. One is a "Property Tax." The other is anything to do with the police.  Could it be that the Majority-4 have energized their police union friends to activate this latter "third rail."
Oro Valley Resident Competed In 2015 Ms Senior Arizona Contest

Jane Stump of Oro Valley competed in the Ms. Senior Arizona contest in Phoenix last weekend. "Twenty-one women over the age of 60 from across the state participate in the 26th Annual Ms. Senior Arizona Pageant at the Valley Vista Performing Arts Center in Surprise." (Source)
Don't Forget Oro Valley's Art Tours

"As a reminder, Oro Valley provides guided public art tours. The two-hour tours take place on the third Tuesday of each month at 1 p.m., starting at Oro Valley Town Hall. Admission and transportation are FREE, but reservations are required as seating is limited.

Additionally, due to the increase in development and construction, there are several new public art pieces that art enthusiasts will enjoy, as well as stops at the always-impressive public art collections at Oro Valley Marketplace and Oro Valley Hospital.

Reservations can be made online at by clicking on the Arts & Entertainment link. " (Source: Oro Valley Press Release)
Oro Valley Senior Softball Wraps Ups Successful Season

Oro Valley has two senior softball teams. The 65's team finished third in the regular season in the Golf Links Thursday League. They finished third in the end of year tournament. The 70's team won 90%+ of games played for the last 10 weeks of the season in their Monday-Wednesday league. Oro Valley residents Jeff Lesser and Jay Stevens manage the 65 and 70 teams, respectively. The season runs from October through March.

All games are played outside of Oro Valley because Oro Valley does not have a senior softball field suitable for play.

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