Thursday, February 5, 2015

Judge Rules In Favor Of Town Of Oro Valley

The Honorable Gus Aragon has ruled as follows:

"... that Plaintiffs failed to comply with the plain language of the applicable statute, and the petitions were not legally sufficient under A.R.S. § 19-111(B). The Court finds that Plaintiffs have failed to satisfy their burden of proof. The Court further finds that Defendant’s actions being challenged in this matter complied with Arizona law." (Source: Aragon Ruling)

TOOTHINOV.ORG never accused the Town Of Oro Valley of wrongdoing. They acknowledged in court that the town did not violate the law.

Their case was not based on wrongdoing. It was filed on the basis that the requirement that an incorrect reference number that is nothing more than window dressing should not be the basis for rejecting the petition. (Source: Risner Filing)

The court did not consider whether this requirement is a violation of the Arizona constitution. This is perhaps why the court was so quick to issue a decision.

The last time a referendum vote was allowed was in 2005. It took 4 court appearances to make that vote happen!

The plaintiffs have five days to file an appeal on the ruling.

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