Thursday, February 5, 2015

According To Hiremath, Fractured Community Is Zinkin's Problem

Council Member Zinkin keeps trying to heal our community over what many feel is an ill-advised purchase of the El Conquistador Country Club. He is continually rebuffed.

 In the spirit of promoting unity, he sent the following email to the Majority-4:

"I am sure that you realize that Oro Valley is very divided about your recent vote to approve the purchase of the El Con. I really do not think that these people can be called complainers, or the vocal minority. They are high in numbers, and many were your supports in your recent re-election. People are very upset.

Unfortunately, the People's attempt to take matters into their own hands and "take you off the hook" has been thwarted, and is now is the midst of litigation. Litigation, I might add, will cost the Town both money and resources whether it wins or loses. There is no real winner in extended litigation and it only enhances the anger. Neither the Town, nor the Tooth people will win. Only you, as a member of the prevailing side in the vote, can help heal the community.

I have discussed this matter with Kelly, who is copied on this communication, and am told that if members of the prevailing side wish to find a way to stop the purchase, she can work with the Legal Department to find a way to place the issue on an agenda. I understand that this will require a vote to suspend our Parliamentary Rules. Please consider placing on the agenda for Feb. 18 a "Discussion and possible consideration to direct staff to discontinue action on the purchase of the El Con".

This email is a genuine attempt to find a resolution to a situation that has the Town completely obsessed. I hope that information that has become available to us after the vote on 12/17 will allow you to seriously consider this agenda item. Please give this serious consideration."

He received the following response the day following form Mayor Hiremath:

"Thank you for the email. I agree with you that the town is very divided on this issue and that the community needs to start to heal. I disagree with you however that only I as a member of the prevailing side in the vote can heal the community. As a matter of fact, it is you to whom I look to start the healing process. As you very well know, there is a democratic process in place for referendums. As you also know very well, the process is very exacting for a reason. Bottom line is that the democratic process was not followed and the town now the is being sued. Make no mistake the referendum petition was thwarted by the organizers and NOT the Town. As you state, the town is in litigation and I agree with you that it is a complete waste of taxpayer money but keep in mind that we are not the plaintiff. We are the defense. I do believe that this group will listen to you so I would encourage you to talk to them and pull the law suit. This is not about winning or losing because like you state, there will be no real winner when it comes to litigation.

With respect to changing the parliamentary rules...thank you for the suggestion but I will have to decline. You are asking me to change the rules that we follow because the democratic process was not followed properly by the TOOTH group. If I go down that road, it opens up a can of worms I don't want opened because it will set precedence for any future disagreements we may have as a council and pretty soon we will be suspending the rules for another subject, then another subject and and then another subject, and so on. Then at the end what do we have???? Anarchy. Roberts Rules are there for a reason and the reason is NOT to change them when it isn't convenient for a matter of fact, that has been your typical Modus operandi now hasn't it Councilmember Zinkin?.....when the process does not allow you to have the outcome that you wanted, you look to circumvent the process. I think that you can begin the healing process by first admitting that you lied to the residents when you claimed that you had no knowledge of the deal. Very troubling for me indeed but that is another matter.

In closing, I would encourage you to have a conversation with the residents who are suing the town and let them know that the democratic process was not followed and that this will only drive a wedge deeper into an already divided community and that we will be wasting unnecessary taxpayer dollars defending a frivolous suit. They seem to rely on your counsel. Let's see how effective you are. Your email subject line was, Rome is Burning. My advice to you is to stop lighting matches then. You had stated that you were offering a genuine attempt to find a resolution so lets see how genuine you are in finding a resolution to this unfortunate situation. I wish you God speed."

In other words: "its your problem, Zinkin. Fix it."

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