Monday, September 1, 2014

Oro Valley Residents Respond To Mayor Hiremath "Whiney Minority" Comment

Do you feel that you are a "Whiney Minority" because you did not vote for Mayor Hiremath? According the a report the Arizona Daily Star, the Mayor thinks you may be just that.

The Star article writes: "Hiremath said the election results show the town’s residents don’t want to listen to a “whiny minority” that distracts from the town’s forward momentum."

In an email we received from one of our readers, Mayor Hiremath claims that he was "...misquoted and taken out of context" by the Star and that he is "...reluctant to speak to the Star from this point forward."

Some residents complained to us about Mayor Hiremath's alleged comment. Others were so incensed that they emailed the Mayor.  Resident Roy Varner is "..thankful for the best roads in the area, a great police department, and a well operated water utility." However, he was not pleased with the Mayor's comment and he told him so is this email:
Atta-Boy Mayor: 
The people have spoken and I respect the decision, however with your “whiney minority” comment in the AZ Star yesterday you again demonstrate your assumption that your re-election further empowers you to continue your legacy practice of attacking anyone who disagrees with you with disparaging remarks, or playing the cheap shot “race card” to belittle your opponents, or publically demeaning other council members by trying (read “frying”) them in the court of public opinion prior to them being found negligent in a proper court of law, and by default, publically tromping on the freedom of speech rights of your fellow town residents.

In addition, I am sure we can anticipate your continued support for the “majority 4” special interest friends and you will do whatever General Plan manipulation that is necessary to further expand the “ghetto-burgs” under construction on the Oracle-1sr Avenue corridor of town, or at like, yet to-be-determined other special interest projects they want to build going forward. Our only hope is that they will soon name one of the “ghetto-burg” developments Hiremath Commons so that your legacy cannot escape the responsibility for, the sure to evolve property devaluations and increased crime rates associated with this mess.

Shame on you Sir. As a prominent business man, elected town official, and designated Town Leader your actions and speech should be courteous, civil, and represent the highest order of respect for your peers and all town residents. Instead you have opted to flagrantly disparage and talk down to the town population as though we were minions in your visionary dictatorial society. In addition, you have obviously determined that anyone who disagrees with you is your enemy and needs to be crushed by your violent and uncontrolled demeanor. I would hope you would not go into one of these rants while you have a needle or drill in a someone’s mouth, for as one of your patients I would fear you every bit as much as your publically announced fear of Mr. Burns.

OBTW – should we plan on the town purchasing and positioning a larger rubbish bin in the council chambers so you can now more frequently wad and trash any and all counter-positions or proposals that come before the council?

“Whiney- Minority” - I am NOT! – Responsible Citizen and Town Resident – YES I am!
Tune- Up Your Actions Mayor – You are Out of Control.

We think that this email is particularly insightful because it tells Mayor Hiremath exactly why many do not believe that he even wishes to be the Mayor of all the people of Oro Valley.


Richard Furash, MBA said...

Face it. The dentist is not the best and the brightest. I have found that people like him eventually have a hard fall from grace. I guess time will tell.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Mr. Varner,
Thank you for so eloquently saying what so many are feeling.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Take a look at what you people do. You sit here on this blog and gripe and moan about everything the mayor does. Even if it is good, you find a way to twist it and make something bad out of it. Yes you are a whiny minority. You complain about his remark he made, but look at all the remarks you have made against him! You sit here and nag and pick at everything he does or is planning to do for this town. You will never be happy. This blog is pointless. It is a site where a whiney minority can go hate on Mayor Hiremath.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Hey, Truth, you've got your own blog - go there if Love upsets you.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Roy Varner for Mayor!

Richard Furash, MBA said...

You sit there on your own blog and gripe and moan about everything Mike Zinkin and Bill Garner do. You find a way to twist everything they do or say into something bad. Your blog is a place where the whiny minority can go to hate on Zinkin and Garner. Geez, you make this so easy.

Our remarks about the mayor are allowed because he is a public figure, an elected official. How is that different than the remarks you make about Zinkin, Garner, and Burns?

Look at the uproar that you created over Garner's "prima donnas and thugs" comment. Are we to believe that if he'd called the OVPD, "whiny" instead, that you would have remained silent about it?

And if this blog is pointless, why do you keep reading it?

And now for my next trick, I will make you disappear with just two words...mileage reimbursements.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Sorry Truth - you are really missing the point:

First Off -- I will emphasize again that to take the another side of a position is a constitutional right the last time I checked.

In my e-mail last week to Mayor Hiremath and the Town Council, I purposefully attempted to guide him to the fact that he cannot continue to attack any citizen or citizens who disagree with him in the manner in which he is accustomed to doing. His "whiney minority" comment was just another "crack in the veneer" and Hiremath attacking anyone who disagrees with him or his position. The fact that he opted to use his reelection as a "bully pulpit" to continue these attacks only further highlights the type of leadership and demeanor he is accustomed to delivering ,and unless lightning strikes I expect will continue. It is simply an ugly and unprofessional continuation of his well documented legacy of disparaging anyone who attempts to voice their right to debate the issues of the day. If you are as "truth" driven as you profess, then you would not attempt mask, condone, and continue to raise support for Hiremath's misguided approach to governing.

In addition, I am on public record as stating the the current administration has done a good (and mostly great) job administering town operations, and except for playing "loose and free" with the general plan and enabling the resultant construction of "getto-burg" housing candidates which I anticipate will (at some point in the near future) significantly degrade my home investment here in Oro Valley, I am well satisfied with their performance. What I object to is his (Hiremaths) uncontrolled and heathenistic management style and utilizing his leadership position to blatantly attack those citizens who may disagree with his and his administrations practices. That is in no way being "whiny", and Sir, if you think that Hiremaths style of management should be condoned and allowed to continue, then I certainly feel sorry for you too.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

As always: excellent logic. You are the smartest person in town, please educate us so we can begin to understand your incredible intelligence.

Richard Furash, MBA said...


You sound like a broken record. Your responses to any of my posts are always the same. Rather than debate me and prove that you're right and I'm wrong, all you do is attempt to ridicule my intellect. As I've said before, if you COULD debate me, you would. You don't because you can't.

Your frequent references to impeccable logic and incredible intelligence are very revealing. You ridicule what you fear.

Now perhaps you'd like to tell the class why you only ridicule MY posts but no one else's even though they're saying the same things that I'm saying.

And while I have your attention...mileage reimbursements? You're losing sleep over that one, aren't you? Why don't YOU educate US on why council member's charging mileage to attend parties is somehow beneficial to the taxpayer?