Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sleeping Frog Farms: They've Got It Down To A Science

Every Saturday at the Oro Valley Farmers Market there is an opportunity to buy organic food while supporting local growers and businesses and in doing so providing higher nutritional value to your dinner table. One such business is Sleeping Frog Farms. Regulars at the farmers market, their produce can be indulged at many high-end restaurants in town including Hacienda del Sol and Lodge on the Desert.

One might wonder where such a name for a farm originated. It occurred when co-owner C.J. Marks was installing the first irrigation line and came across a frog, who happened to be sleeping. With farming methods including those culled from native-peoples, old time farming traditions, and modern day more scientific approaches, Marks and his business partner Valdivia, have perfected producing the highest yield in the smallest possible area.

Without using fertilizer, their approach to farming is one like you and I eating yogurt to stabilize the bad bacteria with the good in our own stomachs. They "build" their soil with a pro-biotic product consisting of three principal micr-organism groups to raise the level of good microbes in the earth and to allow produce to flourish. This is known as EM Technology. In essence this means "in the garden, healthy microbes produce healthy soil, which produces healthy plants." Think about that the next time you slice into one of their delicious tomatoes for lunch!

The next time you are at the Farmer's Market, stop by and say 'hi' to these guys and rest assured that you are experiencing some of the finest and greenest farming techniques around should you choose to purchase some veggies. Also, check out their website (Sleeping Frog Farms) for some awesome recipes.

We are lucky to have such local produce as we do and even more blessed we have an opportunity for the variety each weekend at Steam Pump Ranch.
Heather Nenadovich has lived in Oro Valley a total of five years. She has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Arizona. Her husband is Canadian so she is a hockey fan by default and so are her two very clever children. When not being a mommy, she enjoys hiking in Catalina State Park, hand building pottery, and gardening. Her favorite things about living in Oro Valley are the towns recognition of art and culture, their commitment to preserving nature and the Christmas parade. (Also anything from GMG Chinese Bistro.)

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