Monday, August 25, 2014

Decision Time Awaits Oro Valley Voters--"Some Final Considerations"

Tomorrow is election day. In just a few hours, Oro Valley voters will decide if they wish the direction of the Town Of Oro Valley to remain unchanged or if they wish Oro Valley to move in a different direction.

One vote for Pat Straney, Mayor, and one vote for Don Bristow, Council, will change Oro Valley's direction.  Voting for the 4 incumbents will keep Oro Valley on its current course.

Many of you reading this will have already voted by mail. Still, you will want to read this posting.

We offer the following analysis for those of you who have not yet voted by mail (and you need to do so now) or for those of you who plan to vote at the polls.

Public Safety Is Not An Issue.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed.  

Mayoral candidate Straney and council candidate Don Bristow have repeatedly said that they want a strong, effective Oro Valley police force. Straney and Bristow have said that they will provide oversight to the department as the council is required to do.

An Oro Valley Property Tax Is Not An Issue. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed   

No candidate supports the creation of an Oro Valley property tax.  All candidates recognize that Oro Valley was founded on the basis that there would be no property tax.  Based on town financial projections, there is no future need for a property tax.  There is, as challenges Straney and Bristow have noted, a need to examine alternative sources of revenue because of the gigantic increase in spending by the Majority-4.

All Candidates Have Proven Leadership. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed   

Pat Straney has demonstrated the management and the financial skills, both in the public and private sector, to be able to put a critical-eye to Oro Valley financial needs.  Together, he and Don Bristow bring a wealth of private sector experience to Oro Valley's council.

Only Pat Straney and Don Bristow can unite Oro Valley. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed   

Oro Valley needs leaders who unite us, not divide us.  The Majority-4 have demonstrated that they are not interested in listening to all of us. They have marginalized Council Member Bill Garner's ideas for 4 years. Before that, they marginalized Council Member Barry Gillaspie's ideas. They actively tried to recall Council Member Zinkin. They are now trying to oust Council Member Burns. They are the great dividers.

The Majority-4 represent the interests of the police, the firefighers, the apartment-builders, the developers and the business interests. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed   

The only special interest group that Pat Straney and Don Bristow represent are the people of Oro Valley. You are their only endorsement.

Pat Straney and Don Bristow will do the hard work of reaching conclusions based on facts and analysis, not based solely on staff recommendations and briefings. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed   

Hard work is no stranger to Straney and Bristow.  Pat Straney does his homework as leader of the Rancho Vistoso HOA.  Don Bristow does his homework in his efforts to have Oro Valley actually enforce its ordinances.

The Majority-4 are on auto-pilot.  The only information they rely on is what they are told in town staff briefings.

Pat Straney and Don Bristow are committed to balancing the needs of all Oro Valley residents.  The Majority-4 have demonstrated that they are not interested in doing so.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is misinformed   

More than 25% or Oro Valley's citizens are over 65.  "According to the 2010 Census,  there were actually 37% more people over 65 (10,699) than 18 or under (7,888)" (Source).  Certainly, our seniors deserve attention.  Instead of balancing the needs of all citizens, the Majority-4 have focused primarily on the needs of the town's younger demographic.
  • We documented that the Majority-4 eliminated the Oro Valley recreation center, a center for adults, seniors and people of need.
  • We documented that the Majority-4 tried to kill Coyote Run, which provided transportation for the most needy in the community. 
  • We documented that the Majority-4 eliminated a Parkinsons Disease group exercise program only to have it reinstated once LOVE screamed of how wrong this was.
  • We documented that the Majority-4 have supported the young people in our community.  The refurbished aquatic center, which cost twice what it was supposed to cost, and new Naranja ball fields are primarily for our youngsters.  This is a good thing. In fact, the aquatic center was approved by all council members.
  • We discussed the lack of any Oro Valley commitment to historic preservation. This commitment has been non-existent for the past 4 years. Just take a look at the condition of Steam Pump Ranch: Dirty, dusty, tired, with a crumbling pump house.
The politics of "division" is never a good thing. The needs of the entire community must always be balanced. For goodness sake: Let's spread the "wealth." No one group should be forgotten.

Now, It's Up To You. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong!

Stay the same? Change Direction?

Please be sure to vote.


Richard Furash, MBA said...

In the recent article in the Explorer, Mr. Bristow stated that Oro Valley needs to have a "sustainable" tax other than those on which we currently reply. He went on to say that he didn't think people were ready to discuss that. Doesn't that smell like a property tax to you? it does me.
Having private sector experience does not indicate having leadership qualities.
I don't think anyone tried to "Kill Coyote Run". And when I went back to the council meeting recording when this was discussed it was very clear.
Just some thoughts on this election eve.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

With all due respect to everyone's opinion- I am wondering how the past Rancho Vistoso HOA Board members who have left (or been forced out with the pressure and hostility) due to infighting and the majority clique feel about Pat Straney's assertions that he brings people together and unites them. This seems like a case of "Pot, meet Kettle" to me. Will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Dear misinformed aintaliberal,

Here's what was in the recent Explorer article. Where did Mr. Bristow mention a sustainable tax?

Bristow said the council has avoided the issue of getting a consistent, positive revenue stream. If elected, he would see to it that the council begins discussing it.

“As long as we are bedroom community, and dependent on sales tax, it is a reality of life,” Bristow said. “And I’m not sure anybody is prepared to address that issue.”
If I correctly recall a few council meetings, I believe one or two of the minority three members brought up discussions of alternative revenue sources. THAT is a part of THIS council's most current Strategic Plan. The majority-4 voted not to this.
Please stop spreading your misinformation.
Thank you!

Richard Furash, MBA said...

Okay, here's one: who is going to oversee the election results Tuesday night?

Mr Huckleberry, head Pima County honcho, has rejected all the ethics committees recommendations regarding truthful election results, and in my opinion, has given the impremater to "funny stuff", ala the rigged results of past Pima elections (see RTA election, 2008).

Vote! Why? If a clean election cannot be guaranteed, why bother?