Monday, August 25, 2014

Oro Valley's "Whiny Minority" Rebukes Mayor Hiremath

In an election-related article last week, the Arizona Daily Star attributed the following remarks to Oro Valley Mayor Satish Hiremath:

"Hiremath said the election results show the town’s residents don’t want to listen to a “whiny minority” that distracts from the town’s forward momentum." (Source)

There are some who were so offended by this statement that they wrote Mayor Hiremath.

Resident Paul Emmert wrote Mayor Hiremath:
"Hi Satish, 
I'm wondering if you were misquoted or taken out of context?
"Hiremath said the election results show the town’s residents don’t want to listen to a “whiny minority” that distracts from the town’s forward momentum."

As you and I discussed several months ago, it seems to me that attempting to find common ground and compromise is an important aspect of statesmanship. I'm hoping that you were misquoted, as your opponent for your seat was clearly not "whiny." I voted for him, and I don't think I'm "whiny" either.

Isn't that disrespectful to not only the democratic process, but mildly demeaning to people who didn't vote for you?
I agree that "forward momentum" is necessary, but two yards forward and one back.

Paul Emmert"

Resident Roy Varner wrote stronger words to Mayor Hiremath:
Atta-Boy Mayor: 
The people have spoken and I respect the decision, however with your “whiney minority” comment in the AZ Star yesterday you again demonstrate your assumption that your re-election further empowers you to continue your legacy practice of attacking anyone who disagrees with you with disparaging remarks, or playing the cheap shot “race card” to belittle your opponents, or publically demeaning other council members by trying (read “frying”) them in the court of public opinion prior to them being found negligent in a proper court of law, and by default, publically tromping on the freedom of speech rights of your fellow town residents.

In addition, I am sure we can anticipate your continued support for the “majority 4” special interest friends and you will do whatever General Plan manipulation that is necessary to further expand the “ghetto-burgs” under construction on the Oracle-1sr Avenue corridor of town, or at like, yet to-be-determined other special interest projects they want to build going forward. Our only hope is that they will soon name one of the “ghetto-burg” developments Hiremath Commons so that your legacy cannot escape the responsibility for, the sure to evolve property devaluations and increased crime rates associated with this mess.

Shame on you Sir. As a prominent business man, elected town official, and designated Town Leader your actions and speech should be courteous, civil, and represent the highest order of respect for your peers and all town residents. Instead you have opted to flagrantly disparage and talk down to the town population as though we were minions in your visionary dictatorial society. In addition, you have obviously determined that anyone who disagrees with you is your enemy and needs to be crushed by your violent and uncontrolled demeanor. I would hope you would not go into one of these rants while you have a needle or drill in a someone’s mouth, for as one of your patients I would fear you every bit as much as your publically announced fear of Mr. Burns.

OBTW – should we plan on the town purchasing and positioning a larger rubbish bin in the council chambers so you can now more frequently wad and trash any and all counter-positions or proposals that come before the council?

“Whiney- Minority” - I am NOT! – Responsible Citizen and Town Resident – YES I am!
Tune- Up Your Actions Mayor – You are Out of Control. 
Mayor Hiremath replied to Emmert:
"Both misquoted and taken out of context. I am reluctant to speak to the Star from this point forward. Thanks for asking Paul!"
Tell us what you think?

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Richard Furash, MBA said...

When a leader makes a mistake, he takes responsibility for it. A recent example is the commissioner of the NFL that said publicly that he got it wrong in the case involving a player who had physically abused his mate. Our leader, the mayor, blames the newspaper for his mistake of calling his opposition a whiny minority. Come on Mr Mayor show some respect for the citizens of OV by being a stand-up guy. If you need lessons in being a stand-up guy I bet you can find the money to do so.

Awaiting your apology. Suggest that you make it at the next council meeting so that you can be certain you are not misquoted or taken out of context.