Thursday, June 3, 2010

Council Approves $116 million Tentative Budget

Last night's Council meeting marked the beginning of Mayor Hiremath's four year term and the four year terms of Council Members Hornat, Waters, and Snider.

The major public discussion item was the public hearing on the 2010/2011 tentative Oro Valley budget of more than $116 million.

Not much of a public hearing on the budget. Only two Oro Valley citizens spoke. One advocated increasing the utility tax to pay for Cayote Run service. The other wanted to know where the funding was coming from for an additional $3 million in police services.

The Council unanimously approved the interim budget.

Click here to get a copy of the $113 million version of the budget.


Zev said...

Zee, I don't recall that the individual who asked where the additional 3 mil was coming from
attributed this increased expenditure to the 'police budget' nor did I hear Ms. Lemos state that such was the case. Did I miss something. Yes, the budget did go up the above amount from a prior presentation but I am unaware that a specific reason was given. Did I miss something?

The Zee Man said...

There was no answer give to where the added funds came from.

I have been informed that the added $3million in the budget was grant money and had nothing to do with the Police.

The Zee Man said...

The person who asked the question was Richard Tracy.