Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oro Valley Election: A Retrospect

Some of our readers may have noticed my absence the last few weeks. My wife and I were visiting The Baltics, St Petersburg and Berlin.

By now the Oro Valley election is over, and in my absence, The Zeeman filled in quite admirably.

We certainly should once again congratulate Mary Snider on her primary victory, and also congratulate Lou Waters and Joe Hornat on their election to the council.

Additionally, but certainly, most important, we wish Satish Hiremath well in his come from behind victory to become Oro Valley's new Mayor.

These were the winners.

Were there any losers?

One may think that Mike Zinkin & Matthew Rabb were the losers, but we don't feel that is the case.

As for Matt, we think he did exceptionally well for a young man of 29, who had hardly any money for a campaign, and yet managed to garner enough votes to get through the primary and receive in excess of 5,000 votes in the run-off election.

Mike Zinkin did not get elected, and we are obviously disappointed, but Mike can certainly not be considered a loser. Being out spent by almost 4:1 by Satish, who received the endorsements from The Explorer, the incumbent mayor, and every "special interest" group and to have only 16 votes changed of the 14,819 citizens that saw fit to vote for one of the two candidates says a lot about Mike and his grass-roots campaign.

Now, is not a time to look back, so we will look forward and believe that the four new members will work hard to serve the people of Oro Valley. They deserve the chance to prove their worthiness.

We trust they will do just that.

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