Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No Selection Of Latas' Replacement Tonight

The Council will not discuss a permanent replacement for Salette Latas' Council Seat this evening. This was item 4 on the agenda and it has been withdrawn. Still, a rather "daunting" agenda in terms of the number of items to be covered.


Victorian Cowgirl said...

I don't understand the agenda for tonight, which I think should be titled, "Who's on First?

Item 2 is the swearing in of the new mayor and council members. So far, so good.

Item 3 says that they then go into Executive Session. OK.

Item 1 under Executive Session says: "Discussion regarding appointment of a new Council member to fill one vacancy with a term to expire June 2, 2012."


Executive Session then lists 3 more items (#2, #3, #4.)

Then, another Item 4 appears which is NOT indented under the heading of Executive Session, so it appears that this was NOT part of the Executive Session. But it's also not listed under Regular Session. It's listed somewhere in limbo. And this one has now been withdrawn.

The withdrawn item says: "Discussion and possible action regarding filling of council vacancy with term effective until June 6, 2012.


The first one says the term expires on June 2. The second one says the term expires on June 6.

Isn't there just ONE vacant seat available? Salette's seat?

If yes, item 1 under Executive Session DOES say that they will be discussing the appointment of a new council member to fill a vacancy.

So are they discussing Salette's vacant position tonight or not?

The Zee Man said...


No. They are not discussing Salette's replacement at the open meeting. I have not idea if they are discussing it behind closed doors.

Zev said...

The filling of the empty seat will be for a two year term, the balance of that which Salette would have served if she had stayed on. As to the date of June 6, I dunno; could have been a typo or could have been the date of the council meeting closest to what would have been the expiration of such term.

As to what or whom or whatever was discussed in the executive session, that is, in fact, not for release as those sessions are private to those required or requested to be in attendance.

As I understand it, item #4 was originally scheduled to be an agenda item last night but was postponed for whatever reasons prior council had for doing so. I have my own idea as to why but mine is just a guess and I doubt that it was done for any nefarious reason whatsoever.

OV Objective Thinker said...

Just a suggestion VC...why not call the Town Clerk's office and get a clarification. I suspect the June 2, 2012 was simply a misprint caused by the fact that yesterday was June 2. The people's seat was vacated by Ms. Latas whose term expires on June 6,2012.