Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two Explorer Letters On Why You Should Vote For Mike Zinkin

Two Oro Valley residents tell you why to vote for Mike Zinkin. Thanks to Jeff Siegel & Dave Berry.Read their Explorer letters below.

Mike Zinkin has proven himself to Oro Valley

As a Pima County resident for over 40 years, I have seen this area grow in all directions.

We have an individual who prefers planned growth as oppose to sprawl. Someone who is invested in his community full time. A person who is pro-growth who wants to bring clean business to our community. An individual who wants citizens to be involved in their community.

One, who knows how to work within and create a budget. Someone who knows how to work with pressure where people's lives are stake. Someone who is passionate about the issues, because these are very serious times. A person who wants to have a community our citizens and its business community can prosper and enjoy in its entirety.

Someone with common sense, who admired the individual and vision of Mo Udall, and the spirit of Barry Goldwater. Both men who "Were All For Arizona" all the time. A person who will listen to all sides of a debate , and a man who likes to debate.

Mike Zinkin is the candidate for mayor who has proven himself to Oro Valley. If elected, he will work for us and be available 24/7, and will demonstrate honesty and integrity as our mayor.

Jeff Siegel, Oro Valley


Amateur hour over; writer is thinkin' Zinkin

The soon to be ex-mayor of Oro Valley Paul Loomis has come out and asked us to vote for Mr. Hiremath, stating that he has the "experience" necessary to run Oro Valley. Really? I have yet to see any resume from the good doctor that backs this up.

Mike Zinkin comes to the voters with a list of accomplishments that are truly impressive and clearly shows that he is ready, willing and able to lead Oro Valley into what may become a challenging and difficult future for us all. We need a person that has the time and experience to be a full-time mayor in Oro Valley and not one looking for a new hobby.

Mr. Zinkin has a long standing record of being pro-business in this city and will continue to do the things necessary to attract commerce to our town, but he will not give business a blank check and will expect them to live by the rules that were set forth by the voters of Oro Valley and contained in the general plan.

Mike will continue to support the police, firefighters and all the good people that help to keep us safe, but he will not be held hostage by union strong-arming if it conflicts with prudent government.

In spite of these groups pulling out all the stops against Mike, he continues to state that he will always have an open door policy and will be willing to sit down with anyone that cares to express their views and will approach their requests with an open mind.

From this writer's point of view, the choice for mayor could not be more clear. Either we want four more years of failed Loomis style management from an inexperienced "part-time" mayor, or we want Oro Valley to get a full-time mayor with integrity, experience and most of all the time to be a steady hand at the tiller to guide us with confidence through the choppy waters ahead. Amateur hour is over. I'm thinkin' Zinkin.

David Berry, Oro Valley

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