Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is Your Mayoral Vote For Sale? There's A Buyer Willing To Pay Big "Bucks"

I guess if you're lacking in experience, don't have the knowledge it takes, and are short on time, but have plenty of money, the thing to do, is try your damnest to "buy an election."

Dr. Satish Hiremath comes up short on experience, knowledge, and time, but he sure has money.

How do we know?

In this week's Explorer, he had the following:

1) A color insert paid for by "the Dr. Satish Hiremath for Oro Valley Mayor Committee."

2) An ad paid for by "the Dr. Hiremath for Mayor Committee."

3) A 1/2 page "open Letter to the Voters of Oro Valley" paid for by "the Dr. Satish Hiremath for Mayor Committee."

In this week's Az Star, NW section, he had the following:

An ad on the front page of the NW section. If that "ain't" enough there's another full page color ad paid for by the Dr. Satish Hiremath for Mayor of Oro Valley Committee.

Evidently, Hiremath believes if there's no substance, there's no problem. His credo?
Get his name out there enough, and the people will vote for you.

The mayoral position should NOT be filled by the wealthiest candidate, but by the candidate with more experience, more knowledge and more time to serve us.



Victorian Cowgirl said...

So we have the...

1) Dr. Hiremath for Mayor Committee

2) Dr. Satish Hiremath for Oro Valley Mayor Committee

3) Dr. Satish Hiremath for Mayor of Oro Valley Committee

Hmmm...what is the ACTUAL name of the committee? Didn't they have to register as a PAC and list an official name for the PAC?

A name is simple stuff and they apparently can't even get THAT right. I'm already seeing a serious lack of organizational skills.

Toll for said...

I guess this is more of a question, or perhaps observation. I'm not trying to paint anybody into a corner, but only pointing out the fuzzy logic.

Is it weird that SH is a registered Republican in favor of a pro-business OV and he is heavily backed by public-sector unions?

I know this is a "non-partisan" election, but it is just odd to me and doesn't make much sense.

artmarth said...

Toll for--- Have you considered the fact that Satish has "sold his sole" for votes, and will say or do anything to reach his goal?

Zev Cywan said...

'Toll for', this whole campaign hasn't made much sense!

freedom fighters said...

Always follow the money.

freedom fighters said...

On Saturday, 5/15, my household received its fourth large mailer from candidate Hiremath. Obviously, BIG BUCKS have been spent to keep this candidates name in the forefront.
Somehow, I can't but think of the massive mailer campaign staged by Vistoso Partners to convince voters to support the $21M "giveback", (now found to be unconstitutional), for the O.V. Marketplace project. That worked out well, didn't it?

artmarth said...

Freedom--- I've been saying the exact same thing. The last time we saw an advertising blitz, it was Mr. Malin---the "snake oil salesman" and Vestar trying to convince us they would bring OV an "upscale" & "unique" shopping experience.

Freedom fighter's only mistake was in the amount of sales tax revenue we'll be giving them. It could be as much as $23.2 million.

Let's not get snookered again.

Vote for Mike Zinkin & ONLY Matt Rabb.